For people that experience many times with the feeling like they are drained off with insomnia, low energy or a severe headache. All of these needs a proper way to be tackled and battle against them. These may be the reasons for our daily busy, hectic routines and lifestyles. You need to stop worrying too much as SooperChef has selected some healthy food tips. Consume these ones if you are having an annoying headache or a migraine, drained energy level, and insomnia. Check these ones out:

For Tackling Insomnia

Start eating and go with the plain or Greek yogurt. You can mix the yogurt with some fruit topping before going to your bed. Don’t get surprised by this formula. Fishes also help you to battle against this terrible panic. Fishes such as tuna, salmon are high in nutrients of B6 that aid you to boost your energy and get a proper sleep. You can find delectable Fish recipes such as Pomfret Fried Fish, Grilled Prawns and much more at SooperChef. Being the richest source of melatonin, take in the cherries or make one glass of cherry juice for yourself right before bedtime and see yourself dreaming with a deep and peaceful sleep.

For Boosted Energy Level

Yes, eggs are a rich source of proteins and it’s not a rocket science that it helps you to boost your energy in a quick and efficient manner. Moreover, bananas are also considered to be the quick energy boosters and help you to fight back low energy dips that you get much often. Vegetables are an add-on to enhance the energy levels. Avoid those artificially flavored ones available in the supermarkets and you must go for the healthier and natural ones grown at home.

For A migraine or Headaches

Coffee has got caffeine content in it that aids in wiping off the itchy headaches. But, be careful to not get an excessive amount of it getting consumed, one cup after another. Excess of anything is worse and we all know this fact. The fruits such as watermelons, grapes, etc. with the high amount of water in them help you to relieve out headaches, as it is mainly caused due to lack of hydration in our bodies. Moreover, cucumber can be sliced and eaten simply or sprinkle some black pepper, vinegar, olive oil and other favorite ingredients for the toppings to get a perfect combo to eat for yourself. The winter season is here and almonds also aid to battle against headaches and also tend to increase the energy level of our body in seconds. It can do wonders if you are feeling low or suffering from a severe headache, eat 8 to 10 almonds and see the magic that happens.

So, for all the viewers these are some types healthy foods to fight against your insomnia, headaches, or drained off energy levels. For more delectable Pakistani Recipes, Urdu Recipes and Other Recipes, SooperChef is a true kitchen companion. Have a nice day ahead. ?

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