Foods That Help You Defeat Swelling and Puffiness We have often faced a situation where we go to sleep with a great shaped face only to see a person with poofy cheeks, staring right back at us from the mirror the next morning. In situations like these, we’re always getting nervous to recover a healthy and smart look as rapidly as possible, predominantly if we have an important occasion planned for that day. Luckily, the writing team of Sooperchef has compiled a list of foods that will help to solve this problem quickly and effectively and regain a sleek looking face in no time!

1. Dried apricots

This dried fruit is perfect for alleviating the body of all excesses, including water. It will rid you of swelling in just a few hours while providing a very delicious and healthy alternative to a variety of teatime sweets — something that’s certain to have a helpful impact on your overall health and figure. Find out what other nuts are beneficial for you here.

2. Cucumbers

Only a few people know that something as ordinary as a fresh cucumber can bring a world of good to your body as a whole and your looks in particular. This green watery vegetable is known to have a great diuretic effect; consuming freshly squeezed cucumber juice on an empty stomach is one of the best ways to combat puffiness and swelling. Moreover, cucumbers masks can give your face some great effects in the form of freshness and vitality.

3. Eggplants

Known as brinjals in Pakistan, eggplants are magnificent assistants for you in the battle against puffiness. This vegetable has many great effects including ridding the body of salts, which are the key cause of fluid retention. To ensure best results, it is better to steer clear of overripe eggplants as are packed with alkaloid solanine which can easily cause poisoning. Get a tasty eggplant recipe here.

4. Bell peppers

Bell peppers are appetizing and gorgeous gifts of nature which are high in potassium. Potassium is crucial for relieving the body of excess fluid. Red peppers are considered particularly helpful as they have lycopene, a compound that averts the development of malignant tumors. Bell peppers are best eaten raw in order To get rid of swelling, even though cooking doesn’t do much damage to their therapeutic properties either.

5. Apples

A mere serving of 2-4 apples a day will make swelling and puffiness, things of the past. As a pleasant added bonus, apples are known to develop digestion, help decrease appetite, and defend the body from various diseases. Furthermore, going on an Apple-only diet once or twice a week will allow you to get rid of extra pounds really effectively.

6. Berries

Cherries, raspberries, and strawberries are rich in potassium and magnesium, making them very efficient at the elimination of excess fluid from the body. Consuming these tasty berries while they are fresh and observing at least the most basic of rules of a healthy lifestyle (less salt/more exercise) will make puffiness fade away for good. Berries can be added to all types of salads, find one here.

7. Cranberries

Both fresh and dried cranberries are good for you. Cranberry water without sugar or additives is also a highly recommended and very effective remedy for reduction of swelling. These tasty and sour berries rid the body of a variety of harmful toxins while nourishing it with a whole host of vitamins. This food is appropriate for everyone, including pregnant women and children above the age of 3.

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