Here are some of the foods that have super extra healing power for your body that makes you much healthier than you ever know.

Asparagus for high blood pressure

Asparagus consists of the most natural source of diuretic asparagine, that provides an aid to your body to wipe away excessive fluid and salt. It is considered helpful for people that suffers with high blood pressure. Moreover, the Vitamin B in asparagus can reduce depression and battles cognitive decline. So, if you have gout, you need to keep your consumption to a minimum. Asparagus consists of purines which can control painful attacks as well. It is one of the healthiest veggie that is not only nutritious than you can realize.

Tea for infections

L-theanine is a specific type of chemical present in the tea that expands gamma delta T cells, providing an immune to the blood cells that helps to form the body’s first line of defense against all kinds of infections up to fiftyfold. Tea can also cut down iron absorption by more than eighty percent when sipped with an iron-rich meal. Adding lemon to your tea and drinking it between the meals reduces the infections effect as well.

Onions for lung cancer

There is an important correlation between a high intake of dietary flavonoids that is found in onion and as a result it reduces the risk of lung cancer, according to a Journal of National Cancer Institute. Onions may also be good enough to boost your HDL cholesterol level.

Cheese for dental health

The amount of fats that is naturally present in most of the cheese types provides a coating to your teeth and acts as a natural barrier against bacteria. Cheese also has casein, a type of protein that provides a certain type of natural protection to the teeth.

Lemons and limes for kidney stones

The citric acid present inside the lime juices and lemons provides an aid to reduce some types of kidney stones by minimizing the excretion of calcium in urine. Lemon is also rich in a certain type of compound known as rutin, that provides an immunity to strengthen the walls of capillaries and veins, potentially minimizing the pain and severity of varicose veins.

Bananas for depression and anxiety

A medium-sized banana has got thirty percent of the Vitamin B6, recommended for the daily intake, helping your brain to produce mellowing serotonin. It also provides tryptophan, that is a reliever for depression and anxiety. Read out the great benefits of having bananas on a daily basis.

Mustard for good bones

Mustard consists of phosphorous and manganese, that contributes to strong teeth and bones. Mustard also tends to provide selenium, that is helpful to protect against heart disease and cancer, and magnesium, helping you to reduce inflammation, blood sugar, and blood pressure.

Papayas for arthritis

One regular size papaya has a double dose of Vitamin C that is recommended for the daily intake. A study proved that more than 20,000 people who intake the low amount of Vitamin C rich foods developed rheumatoid arthritis at more than three times in comparison to the rate of those who consumed higher amounts of Vitamin C.

Beets for a better brain

Beets are able to produce nitric oxide, that provides an aid to increase blood flow throughout your brain and your body, which in return provides an aid to reduce the risk of the development of Alzheimer’s and disease related to vascular dementia. Moreover, these remarkable things happen to your body when you intake beets.

Hope you find this article an amazing thing to read. Do share your views on it.

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