Eating expired food items can cause a real harm to your health, but there are some type of food items you don’t need to worry for their expiration as they are safest to eat after beholding them for many, many years.BetterRead has made a list of such food items that can last forever and will never get spoiled, damaged or expired.Let us have a look at the list of such foods:


The perfect temperature to store the rice for a long span of time is 4 to 5 Degree Centigrade or below. It would be perfect to store rice in plastic containers or in jars made up of glass. Rice can easily be stored up to thirty years without losing its fragrance, aroma and nutritional value, according to one study. The study was conducted on two types of rice, polished rice, and parboiled ones. Check out delectable rice recipes at SooperChef to cook your favorite meal for the day.

Powdered milk

Powdered milk that is easily available in any nearby grocery or utility store has also got a long-time storage without getting harmful and not losing its nutritional value. All you need to do is store the powdered milk in an airtight container. That will last this food item forever.

Soy sauce

Soy sauce can easily be stored for at least three years and it won’t be harmful to use if the bottle is opened. The shelf life of this item in an airtight container can be way too long, depending upon the conditions it is put in, quality of the sauce, processing of it and the temperature been set to store it.

Maple syrup

According to a research, a bottle of maple syrup can be kept for an indefinite span of time. And even if you have opened it for the usage, you can keep it using for several years, but, you have to keep that bottle in the fridge.

Dried kidney beans

Dried kidney beans and other type of beans are best for the usage for almost thirty years. You can use them for such a long span of time without losing its essence and nutritional value at all.


Salt is categorized as a mineral and not a food item or a product to be specified and that is why it remains impossible to get harmful or spoiled out for long lasting years. Salt can absorb water and make thick rocks out of it, but, at the end of the day salt remains salt. Keep in mind that iodized salt lasts only for a year as during the year, the iodine available inside usually evaporated and the salt loses its useful quality, but still you can use it as the common table salt.


White vinegar is also a product without having any expiration date, but you must still keep it in mind to store it under proper conditions. So, if you want to keep your vinegar healthy to use for a long time, the ultimate way to store it is with the help of an airtight container in a cool and dark place, away from heat sources. Here are some of the best cleaning benefits from the combo of baking soda and vinegar.


Likewise, salt, sugar also have a tendency to last for an indefinite span of time, especially if you are going to store it in an airtight container. But even if it absorbs water from any sort of moisture, turning towards a solid rock, be sure that it doesn’t loses its quality at all. Moreover, brown sugar and powdered sugar can also be easily stored as long as the common sugar.


Honey has got the uniqueness to last forever as this food item never gets spoiled or create a harmful impact after leaving it on the shelf for many years. Its chemical composition makes the difficulty for bacteria to grow. Just keep it in mind to use the airtight container to store this food item. Here are the best of the benefits you can get from eating honey on a daily basis.Hope you find this article informative thing to read for today. Do share your views on this one.Also Read: Top 6 Foods That Put You in a Grumpy Mood


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