The heart is the most vital organ in the human body but a majority of the people won’t agree to change their diets even when you tell them that their heart needs the change. Most of them would call a restriction. But if you are willing to do your heart a favor and want to avoid cardiovascular diseases then read this blog by SooperChef that will tell you about top five junk foods that you need to avoid for a better heart.

1. Fried Chicken

Grilled chicken is a protein filled diet, recommended by nutritionists worldwide. But when you leave the skin on and fry it in lots of oil, then the picture changes. Merely four pieces of fried chicken contain almost a thousand calories and almost 350 mg of bad cholesterol. Keep these numbers in mind the next time you are tempted by some crispy chicken.

2. Pizza

“A moment on the lip and a lifetime on the hip” is the perfect line someone can come up with for a pizza. Sure a cheesy, chunky slice of pizza feels great on a weekend party but only one slice of your favorite plain cheese pizza can hold 9.8 grams of fat along with 551 mg of sodium. Both saturated fats and sodium are primary reasons of heart diseases in most of the cases.

3. Doughnuts

It is no surprise that doughnuts are on the list of worst foods for your heart, however, very few people can understand about how terrible they can be. A tasty looking chocolaty doughnut holds around 20 grams of fat, 38 grams of carbs along with a dose of 23 grams of sugar. The body would need at least an hour to walk off the damage.

4. Ice Cream

The above might’ve evoked some carefree childhood memories but ice cream is anything but heart friendly. A normal two-scoop serving of ice cream packs 14 grams of fat along with 22 grams of sugar. Not a good idea if you are a heart patient, not a good idea at all.

5. Burgers

Burgers are one of the worst food choices for a person dealing with cardiac-related ailments. Burgers from famous eateries are loaded with calories (sometimes surpassing 500 calories per serving), 29 grams of fat and a whopping 1040 mg of sodium. Even if you prepare your own burger at home, a three-ounce lean beef burger with 80 percent lean beef content can still contain 76 mg of cholesterol along with 14.8 grams of fat.

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