It can be pretty tough to fall asleep when you are on anxiety and your brain is thinking nonstop with different thoughts in your head, and it seems pretty much harder while you are lying in your own bed and breathing off and on. Yet paying the best of the attention to that breathing would be exactly what you need in order to turn it into a good night sleep. We at SooperChef has put a list of amazing tricks that will help you slide towards your dreamy world. So, it’s time to better let you know the tricks and have a Good night sleep. ?

Maintain a Schedule

A consistent bedtime rest can be very helpful as it becomes your regular habit. This particular habit will do another job as your body will get in a routine to the same schedule and start to fall asleep by itself every single night.

Dim the Lights

You must at least turn off all the room lights except candles or night lamps one hour before sleep. It will make your brain to hack itself that it’s time to sleep! Instead of thinking that it’s still not a right time to sleep.

Keep it Cool

According to scientific researchers, it is proven that even kids sleep better if the room temperature is between 18°C and 21°C. It may sound a bit chilly, but you can always leave a window of your room open and keep yourself tight under a big warm blanket.

Avoid Blue Screens

Blue screens at nighttime tend to tire us down but at the same time they keep our brain active. To switch it off, turn off the button of your LED or TV screens and put away your smartphones while trying to grab a proper sleep.

Read a Boring Book

It has been our common practice in school days. Back at that time, all-nighters made us real sleepy in a quick manner. So, for now, it is time to use this hack. It may sound funny but give a try while reading a boring book.

Take a Hot Bath or a Shower/ Massage

A hot bath or a shower will relax your muscular body and prepare it for a good night’s sleep. Moreover, massage is so relaxing to take. Most of the people have slept right away into a quick nap during a massage.

Try Good Old Milk and Honey

When your granny poured you a cup of warm milk, mixed with honey, she definitely knew the trick. So, it’s better to use it for now but do remember not to drink it right before sleep. Half an hour before sleeping is the best time.

Don’t Eat Heavy or Fast Food Before Sleep

Healthy carbs and some proteins for dinner and a cup of chamomile tea or milk before you sleep is the appropriate recipe for a good night sleep.

Invest in a Good Mattress

A comfy mattress is, by all means, an authentic factor in all the relevant things related to sleep. Do some research and buy the one that is made to be physiologically perfect.

Exercise During the Day

Exercising will help your body to relax also and make your body in shape at the same time, but it’s better to make it a daytime routine.

So, if you are having troubles while sleeping, try these tricks and do add your valuable hacks to fall asleep in an instant manner at night time.

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