There are plenty of “energy drinks” the market with promising taglines that ensure you a great boost of energy and some of them might even work, but only in the case of replenishing the nutrients fluids that you lost while sweating. Moreover, these commercially prepared drinks are loaded with sugar which has many adverse effects on the body. But here’s the silver lining, Mother Nature has her very own ingredients that will help you create a power drink of your own, that will not only aid you in your workout but will also be 100% natural and free of all the harmful elements.

1. Ginger Lemonade

Ginger and lemon is a great combination with the both of the elements having positive effects on the human body. Lemon keeps the body hydrated and is a great source of vitamin C which provides strength to the body during a workout. Ginger, on the other hand, has anti-inflammatory tendencies and reduces soreness from muscles after the workout. Drink half a teaspoon of grated ginger in lemonade for great results.

2. Coffee

Coffee, when taken as a pre-workout drink, works magically as caffeine is known to increase endurance and delay muscular fatigue. This is the reason that coffee makes you feel stronger and you workout harder for longer.

3. Green Tea

Just like coffee, green tea is another great pre-workout drink especially for the folks who have an aerobic exercise routine. The reason behind this is the same as coffee, caffeine. Moreover, the presence of complex compounds known as the catechins increases the amount of fat burn and improve the overall endurance.

4. Fat-free Milk

If you are looking for a great post-workout drink that is natural and full of nutrients than a big glass of milk is the right choice for you. It is loaded with nutrients like protein, calcium and Vitamin D which not only help your muscles in recovery but also strengthen bones and overall health.

5. Cherry Juice

For all the endurance athletes out there, cherry juice is nothing less than a blessing as it is a great source of phytochemicals that allow quicker recovery and reduce inflammation. Great for marathon runners and fitness enthusiasts!

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