Skimmed Milk, the healthiest option for your diet or not? Are the dairy products, particularly milk, going to make you congested? Well, BetterRead is going to change the way you use to think before about dairy products as they are nothing more than false irrelevant myths.

Let us have a look at all of the so-called MYTHS that needs to be neglected from now on as here are the proven facts to deny all of them.

Here are the myths:

Skim milk is the healthiest option

The myth that we have been taught from an early life is that the skimmed milk is considered to be the healthiest option, but, the truth is that the health benefits of fat-free milk is overstated as researchers provided the fact that people who eat full-dairy products are not likely to develop diabetes or heart-related issues in comparison with those who ate low-fat dairy products. Moreover, full-fat dairy products reduce the chances of obesity. The reason behind this fact is that the fatty acids present in a diary is linked to fullness and when you eat fat-free diets of yogurt, milk, and cheese, you may feel hunger in a very short span of time and aren’t satisfied with what you have an intake as a diet. Low-fat milk is an aid for your body to absorb essential nutrients from milk such as Vitamin A & D, moreover, important fatty acids.

Milk causes congestion

It is a myth that milk leads to congested or bloated stomach, but, on the other side, truth is that the dairy products won’t make you feel worse while you intake them. Moreover, drinking milk has no connection with feeling cough or cold in comparison with those who don’t drink milk, according to a study conducted in Switzerland. So, milk has got nothing to do with upsetting you due to congestion.

Excessive milk intake leads to stronger bones

It is a common myth that we have been listening from our childhood days that milk intake leads to strong bones, but, the truth reveals that the results are not certain when it comes to the strengthening of bones from the benefits of calcium. A study published in 2015 proved that the mid-age group of people who took more calcium supplements from their regular diet were experiencing more bone fractures as compared to the people with the less intake of calcium. So, it is proven that the dietary intake of calcium is not at all associated with the cause of fractures and there is no indication to prove this fact. There are much more diet plans that strengthen your bones as compared to regular and excessive milk and dairy intake.

Unable to properly digest lactose

It is one of the leading myths of all time that people are unable to digest lactose well, but, the truth is far behind as the body can easily adapt to tolerate regular milk intake. Even the people who struggle to digest lactose are less likely to show signs with a small intake of milk, especially when the dairy products make a combo with a breakfast, lunch or dinner meal. Drinking milk on a regular basis reform your body to intake lactose and properly digest it as well. In addition, lactose present in the milk is not going to upset your stomach at all.

Milk is loaded with calcium

The myth is that milk is a full dosage of calcium, but the fact is that the other beverages also contain a bulk source of calcium in it. Milk is by no means a tattered source of the mineral. But, you need not to think that milk is the last beverage on the planet, loaded with calcium, helpful for muscles, heart, bones, and nerves. A regular glass of orange juice has got almost 35 percent of daily calcium needs, and nutrient soy milk contains 45 percent of bulk calcium source.

These above myths are wildly unacceptable to be true. Hope so, it changes your level of thinking. We would like to hear your views on this one.

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