Up till now, you won’t be having a clue that how surprisingly our day to day innocent behaviors are a real cause of harm to our health.

Holding your nose when you sneeze

It may seem to you as a bad manner to let away a huge sneeze among the other, but a man tore a part of his throat by shutting his nose closed and holding the sneeze. So, a sneeze that is held inside generates a sudden pressure that is not released. And, when that happens, the pressure is backed up, either to the back of the nose or sinuses, via throat, mouth or the chest. And as the pressure starts to travel via nasal area towards the ears, it can cause an eardrum or inner ear damage. Moreover, if you hold your sneeze, chances are probable to injure your blood vessels in particular areas of eyes, throat, and chest or even brain.

Putting your purse on the table

As you arrive home from outside, most of us use to put our purse right on the counter or the kitchen table and it leads to spreading of the germs that are around your food preparation or eating surfaces. The bottom of the purse is prone to pick up the potential bacteria and germs from different places as they are set down usually when we leave the home. A recent study has proven that handbags tend to have more bacteria as compared to a toilet seat.

Keeping your wallet in your back pocket

Sitting down with a wallet in your back pocket causes your backside to remain uneven and that triggers the lower back pain, hip pain or even causes a pain in the back or upper shoulders as well. As the wallet is in your back pocket, it can cause an irritation in the nerves that are present in the legs and lower back, so you need to take your wallet and put it outside your pocket as you sit.

Eating before bedtime

It is not about putting an extra weight but eating after the dinner can lead towards a bad case of acid reflux, leading to disrupt your slumber and it easily triggers a disease known as gastroesophageal reflux. One of the leading signs of this disease is to lay down to the bed with a full stomach.

Sleeping in contacts

Sleeping with contact lenses is one of the leading risk related to eye diseases as wearing them overnight can definitely increase the risk of cornea infection, permanently impacting your eyesight and creating a blurred vision. It also lowers the amount of oxygen to the eye, that leads to stress out the cornea as well.

Not washing your face before bed

Washing your face before going to bed is really very important to your health as you wash the dirt off your skin of the complete day that surely includes sweat, dirt, makeup, debris, and pollution spread all over your face.

Eating out a lot

Various studies have concluded that those who intake fast food on a frequent basis tend to have a high level of phthalates, which is directly linked to disruption of the hormones, certain reproductive issues, and lower IQ in most of the children. Moreover, oily food and such type of food with a high-fat content also increase the risk of absorption of such chemicals. All you need to do to stay healthy is to prepare fresh meals at home and that is the best solution. You can visit SooperChef for a wide range of healthy cooking recipes covered in 1 minute instant videos.

Using the same cutting board for meat and vegetables

If you are going to use the same cutting board for veggies and meat, a lot of the amount of bacteria is going to penetrate into your prepared food items. Here is how you can avoid that and eat healthy food. Wash your hands properly and wash the cutting boards along with utensils after you use them. The best thing is to use different cutting boards for meat and veggies. Do not mix up to avoid any health-related risk.

Hope you find this article an amazing read for today. Do share your views on this one.

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