No matter how conscious you remain while cleaning your home, these irritants may still be lurking around different place inside your home. Winter season does come with sneezes. Another year, another allergy season. If you are suffering from itchy eyes due to fog or smog, sneezing, or nasal congestion – all of the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, also known as hay fever – you may be dreading for the next couple of months as the spring season arrives afterwards with flower bloom and release of pollens, one of the most common allergens in our country. Pollen and other allergens may be hiding in such places around your home that you would have never realize. To truly clear the air, consider these other potential contributors to your allergy symptoms.


Beware of the upcoming pollen season, as heavy pollens fall to the ground and we directly don’t breathe them in, you might not need to worry so much about the yellow powder (pollen) you are tracking in on your shoes. But your walk can bring them in with other potential allergens as well, that include dust and dirt, making its way into your carpets. To keep these allergen particles outdoors where they belong, leave your shoes by the door. The same applies to anything else that is visibly dirty such as outdoor sports equipment, gardening gloves etc.

Curtains, blinds and shades

You mostly remember to wash out your sheets and vacuum of your floors on a regular basis, but how often do you give your window dressings a proper cleaning? Curtains and other window coverings might block allergens into your home on an initial basis. But, that just means they are collecting those particles themselves. When your windows are open and your curtains are blowing around with the wind, they are actually acting as a filter and a collection surface of dust particles. But, the more pollen and other allergens they gather, the more it is going to be a potential irritant for you. Wash your curtains on a seasonal basis, and replace your horizontal blinds with easy to clean roll-up shades.

Stuffed animals

Just as dust mites can get into anything, they are also living in your kids’ stuffed animals and toys. That can be a real health hazard since dust mites are a major cause of asthma in children. You can wash stuffed animals in the washing machine and launder them regularly makes it clean. Run them up via clothes dryer or air dry them afterward. Items that can’t be washed must be put in the freezer for 24 hours to kill dust mites.


Yes, pets can make you allergic as well. If you suddenly begin sneezing around your four-legged pet, assume the reaction is having a direct impact on the animal itself. That is because your cat or a dog can track down additional allergens, such as dust and pollen. Keeping your pet out of your bed and out of your furniture can be an aid to keep such allergens away.

Fans and air conditioners

If you have ever noticed closely at a box fan in a window, you have probably noticed how much dirty it can get. That is because it is capturing a lot of those airborne particles, contributing to allergies. What you can’t see is the increase in the flow of such particles into your house. Wipe down your cages and blades on a regular basis, and don’t run window fans during the daytimes when pollen season is at its peak. Make it sure to take care of your ACs, too. Both window ACs and centralized ACs tend to have filters for the blockage to the influx of pollen and other allergens, but such filters need to be changed as directed in order for them to do their job.


Even if you do vacuum on a regular basis, you are probably not removing as many allergens as you think from your rugs and carpets. It is hard to predict how much simple vacuuming actually accomplishes. But, we know the fact that what type of environmental control for things such as dust mites is making an impact and unfortunately the things that make a lot of common sense don’t necessarily help out. Carpeted surfaces will always tend to have more allergens and dust particles than non-carpeted ones, something to consider if you are badly affected by indoor allergens. Moreover, new carpets can also leave gas toxic chemicals called as volatile compounds (VOCs) while you first bring them into your homes.


Potted plants within your home space can also be a source of mildew or mold, especially if their soil is kept too much moisture or water is left to pool in the pot’s tray. The same goes for freshly cut flowers if their water goes too long without being changed on a regular basis. Remove molded leaves from the plants on an immediate basis, and give the soil time to dry between watering them.

Your Nose

Last but not the least, your nose is one of the most obvious yet overlooked places where allergies can hide. Every single time you inhale, tiny hairs inside your nostrils act as filtration, trapping particles like dust and pollen. The problem is, they can get stuck and contribute to your body’s allergic response. Rinsing your nasal cavity with a saline wash or making use of a neti pot can help to clear the accumulated allergens and mucous, and will help you to feel better and faster. Just make it sure to follow all the instructions and do not overuse the products, as long-term or improper use has been linked to risk for your health.

Hope you find this article informative and interesting. Want to add something to the article! Your comments are always appreciated.

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