Right in the mid of hormones, genetics and years of sunshine damage, these are the areas that start to change their color and texture earlier – but there are certain ways to keep them young and appealing.

BetterRead has compiled a list of body parts that depicts your age first. Let’s have a look at them:


Your hands are going to be one of the very first body parts you will get to know symptoms of your age as hormonal changes in our body lead in a loss of skin elasticity and loss of volume on the back of our hands. Such type of changes causes the veins to become very prominent. As the hands are directly exposed to sunshine, it leads to the signs of aging. You need to apply sunscreen to your hands while going out to protect it from harmful UV rays.


The skin surrounding our eyes is really thin and forms wrinkles easily from such repetitive habits such as smiling, squinting and sunshine damage. Most of the sunscreen formulas must not touch near the eyes, but wearing sunshades is going to block the UV rays to create a damage to your eyes. These are tips to avoid eyelids from getting saggy.


Fine lines across your lips are often developed after the ones near your eyes and on your forehead. Sunshine creates a real damage, but so do our drinking from straws and water bottles habits. You really need to avoid such habits for better and appealing lips.


As you turn your forehead for deep expressions, it is also likely to be one of the very first places to develop wrinkles and fine lines. Products that contain retinol increases collagen to your skin that helps to reduce wrinkles, moreover, it exfoliates the dead skin to make it more soft and brighter.


No matter how careful you are about protecting your face from wrinkles, you are going to definitely forget to notice your neck. Applying sunscreen to the exposed skin on a daily basis can keep the sunshine damage at bay, but it won’t prevent all symptoms of aging.


Deep neckline scars leave the exposed area of the chest opens for the real damage from UV rays. You often start noticing sunspots, broken blood vessels and discoloration around that area. If you are not going to switch towards high necklines, you must apply sunscreen to your chest. Put it on before you get dressed so it can dry real quick without sticking to your clothes.


The skin around your knees often starts to sag before the rest of your legs. You might have a lot of tendons and ligaments and bony prominence, but no muscle and fats. Therefore, you notice hollowness and boniness around that area. Urea and salicylic acid present in skin care products do exfoliate, so you must opt. for such kind of moisturizer that contains one of them. It will be helpful to brighten, smooth, and hydration of your skin, giving it a new life.


Majority of us notice our first gray hairs in our 30’s as the human body stops the production of pigment cells. By the time we turn 50, half of the population can be expecting 50 percent of their head to turn gray. These gray hairs are thinner in comparison with other hairs, but they do feel dense due to our scalp produces less oil, leading towards dry hair. Try these 5 DIY Hair Remedies for Having Gorgeous Hair

Hope, you find these facts amazing to read. We would appreciate your views on this one:

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