We don’t think that most of us are comfortable and satisfied when it comes to clean their homes, but we can manage home cleaning in a quick and clever way. So, instead of wasting the whole day while cleaning our home, try these few tips and tricks that are going to make your life much easier.

Here are some secrets that you need to know for cleaning up your place for those who don’t have any idea how dirty shelves look alike.

Soap vs. shower gel

Toilet tiles are no fun at all when it comes to cleaning them. Why don’t you use regular soap instead of shower gel from now on? Regular soap has got oils and fats, that is the reason it is more difficult to clean the foam afterward made by shower gel. Moreover, the foam from shower gels doesn’t absorb in so easily in the tiles.


Cleaning blinds is one of the most irritating things to do when it comes to cleaning the entire home. But, make it simple by using a sock to clean out all the dust from your blinds more quickly and in an efficient manner. Just put the sock on your bare hands that are mixed up with a minute amount of vinegar, dishwashing soap, and some water to make it wet, and hold one of the blinds from each side and start cleaning it.

Fridge shelves

Fridge shelves become dirty most often when we put on meat, veggies, mustard, broth, etc. So, it is best recommended to put some press n seal on your fridge shelves. Yes, we are talking about all of the shelves covered by press n seal or saran wrap can be helpful as well. It would be much easier to clean them and wipe the dirt off, especially if something like milk or any liquid spills on the shelves.

Knife stand

We never forget to wash the dishes many times in a day, but here is one important thing in the kitchen that we neglect to clean. Yes, we are talking about food leftovers in knife holders. Use a narrowest vacuum cleaner nozzle to try cleaning it or the simplest way is to use the hair dryer to blow out the food.

Kitchen stands

Tea, coffee, sugar and other granulated products such as chili pepper powder, salt, etc. that is often used must be kept on the shelves or plates with boards over it. Even if you spill out something, it won’t be falling onto the table and all over the floor as well. So, it would be easy to clean the plates or shelves used easily in the kitchen sink afterward and drying them off later on.

Plastic bottle and duct tape

Cleaning furniture or cushion quickly is not an easy thing to do and a brush or a lint roller is just not enough to wipe out the dirt from them. Try putting double-sided duct tape around the plastic bottle, and start cleaning the dirty spots. All the fur, hair, dust will come off easily and the furniture will look way much better than before.

Grapefruit with salt

Half sliced grapefruit is the greatest detergent for your kitchen sink and bath both if you put a lot of rock salt on it and start wiping gently with bare hands for about five minutes and clean it afterward with water. Your sink will look shiny and brighter than before.

Cleaning the most difficult places

Sometimes the smallest of all vacuum cleaner nozzles turn out to be too big for small gaps in your apartment. The problem can be easily solved with toilet paper roll. Put the toilet paper roll on the vacuum cleaner tube and start squeezing its ends to make it adjustable to clean out the smallest gaps.

Clean ample of things with your dishwasher

The dishwasher can be used for various other purposes of cleaning rather than dishes. The list is too long that you can wash with the help of dishwasher. For instance, lampshades, caps, hair brushes, refrigerator shelves, toys made up of metal or plastic and even you can dirt off artificial flowers with it.

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How do you manage to clean your house with smart ways? Share your comments below and have a nice day head :)

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