The food items that we purchase from our nearest grocery store most often consists of add-on ingredients. We at SooperChef have decided to sort out what is really contained in our purchased food items that are a plus for no cost, available in our favorite food items; The information gathered below doesn’t mean that you should never consume or eat any of your favorite purchased products, rather it shows that we need to take a control on the amount of day to day consumption. More specifically, it is important that you must be concerned if you have young kids in the house.Read till the end of the article to get the best of knowledge and suggestions for choosing your favorite food items next time you visit your utility or a grocery store.

7. Ketchup

The Ketchup concentrate is thick and pure which probably consists of tomatoes and onion paste. The amount or ratio of tomato in the concentrated ketchup bottled totally depends upon the quality of the ketchup you consume in your daily lifestyle, during breakfast, lunch or dinner and it ranges from six to ten percent. When the ketchup is made in the factories, corn syrup is mostly added to make a thick paste out of it that even helps to preserve it for a longer shelf time span and that makes it sticky or thicker in the form of a paste.

Suggestion When you choose your favorite ketchup bottle, go for the ones that have a high-quality shelf life.

6. Potato Chips

Potato Chips (Fried or Refrigerated) are mostly made from reused potatoes to form Chips rather than having fresh ones from Mc Donald’s, KFC, Burger King or to be fried at our own homes. Potato chips are often made from reused potatoes or re-fired/ refrigerated ones, rather than using new ones, which is same as like using washing powder or a baking soda to rinse it off. Corn Flour or Rice are added first to the recycling process. Some brands have been accused of containing amounts of acrylamide, a carcinogen, that accumulates while in the process of thermal processing in the factories of making potato chips. It majorly contains an amount of chemicals that exceed far away from safety standard levels by (0.2 µg per kg) by 1,000%.

Suggestion Potato chips that are made from the whole manufacturing process, containing lesser cooking oil, whereas those from reconstituted potatoes are usually baked. So, it’s better to keep a check on it while purchasing it.

5. Corn Flakes

Here comes the turn of corn flakes used as a breakfast cereal, the majority of the brands consists of palm oil. Moreover, corn syrup can be found within the ingredients (mentioned clearly over it.) It contains a high amount of fructose – a fact check that is not mentioned anywhere in the box.

Suggestion As it contains the high amount of sugar and large quantity of cornstarch, researchers do not recommend feeding it to the kids as a cereal with the milk for breakfast on a day to day basis. Sugar is more often found in ‘frosted or freeze’ cereals, especially that contain fruit nutrients in it.

4. Fruit Yogurt

While using fresh fruits itself, people are inclined to the amount of using fruit yogurt as a substitute, the amount that fulfills only 1 to 5 % of the required deficiency, the fruit filling also consists of sugar additives, corn starch, artificial colorings, aromatizers and acidic regulators to keep it preserved. Gelatin is a type of food item which is commonly thought to be Haram for Muslim community (a total misconception), Corn Starch, Sodium Alginatem ad Gum resin are the ingredients used as stabilizers for a long shelf life. Apart from the fruit itself, the amount of which varies between 1% and 5%, the fruit filling also contains cornstarch, sugar, aromatizers, colorings, and acidic regulators. Cornstarch, gelatin, sodium alginate, and gum resin are used as stabilizers or preservatives.

Suggestion The best yogurt consists of the whole pure mile and healthy bacteria (the amount of Bifidobacterium & lactic acid must be mentioned in the ingredients.) Buttermilk and fresh cream are also an acceptable source of fresh ingredients.

3. Nutella

Palm oil also known as Botanical oil is used in the manufacturing or production of this type of chocolate spread that is loved by everyone in the family. Other ingredients included in it are vanilla, thickeners, emulsifiers, and aromatizers.

Suggestion Do not purchase such type of food item or chocolate spread that has a white layer as it is a symptom that it consists of more palm oil and less amount of cocoa in it. The world’s most favorite food item Nutella has recommended a regular usage of only two teaspoons per day.

2. White Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most favorite items that is consumed all across the world with love due to its delicious and mouthwatering taste but it should only contain cocoa butter in it. More often, you will find out diluted palm oil, coconut oil and shea butter written in the ingredients on the packaging. Other ingredients used to make white chocolate consists of emulsifiers (most probably, lecithin), harmful artificial additives and aromatizers to preserve it for a longer time span.

Suggestion The pure and high-quality chocolate should be brittle, hard and tastes delectable that must crumble and crack when the bite is taken.

1. Condensed Milk

Condensed milk is most commonly made by the evaporation of a liquid that is derived from pure milk (the requirement is almost 1.5 liters of milk). On the other hand, it should only consist of dry fat from animals. Manufacturers mostly minimize the amount of milk as it contains and use of vegetable fats and thickeners to attain the required fat content and consistent enough to make condensed milk.

Suggestion if the can/bottle of condensed milk has a description of used ingredients for its preparation, it clearly mentions that “this dairy product has a certain amount of sugar,” most prominently the chances are that it is made up in the way mentioned above. So, it’s better to drink and use fresh dairy milk rather than using condensed milk for the daily usage.

Careful Advice for the Selection of Food Products from Your Nearby Grocery Store.

1- The general rule while choosing food items is that the less the ingredients your favorite product contain, the healthier and nutritious it is to be used by you and your family as health comes first. Keep that in mind, what are the unhealthy additives used in the food items. A long list can be seen written on the packaging. Keep the shopping simple.

2- Names that are common, but not identical to the well-known brand items allows manufacturers to avoid similar standards to be attained for the making of quality food items. In major supermarkets, famous companies are able to set their own product standards, which might differ from one store to the other that are nationally enforced by food regulatory authorities in Pakistan.

3- Keep a check on the products and presence of sugar in it, which might be described with the general names of “syrup”, “molasses”, “sorbose”, “dectrose” and another name with the ending of letters like “-ose”. That are most probably artificial food items and synthetic flavors/colors. It can also be written in the format of packaging such as E967 which is known as (koenlinite), E954 (saccharin) --- commonly, any additive that starts with “E9” is artificial and harmful for your favorite food item.

Hope, you find this article informative, revealing and instructive one. So, next time you go for your monthly grocery shopping, keep this pack of factual information in mind as SooperChef works with an aim, “Eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle.”

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