You can prepare the most fresh and best mouthwatering delicious meals for your family for breakfast, dinner or lunch but it is a fact that it can lose its delicacy and health benefits really quick and in most of the cases is a cause of food poisoning if you keep your habit of reheating it in the microwave oven, placed at your kitchen. SooperChef has brought to you a list of cooked foods that you must eat as soon as they are cooked and ready to serve.

7. Celery

Celery is just so perfect for making soup but only when served in a fresh manner. Once the plate of soup gets in the microwave, celery consists of such nitrates that turn itself into toxic nitrites after reheating it. It’s better to try cooking celery cream soup as it will be delectable when its served cold.

6. Eggs

We really are unsure that you reheat your scrambled eggs or an omelet in the microwave, but it’s a fair warning that reheating makes the eggs toxic. It is better to add them to your sandwich or adding it up in a salad will serve it as a better dish to eat. It won’t make it necessary to reheat it in the microwave or throw them in the bin.

5. Spinach

Spinach is a true love for many vegetarians as it contains an enough amount of minerals and vitamins in it. Likewise, celery, spinach is also full of nitrates that easily turns into nitrites and nitrosamines after reheating it in a microwave. You can add the spinach by making salads, sandwiches etc. to get the maximum benefit out of it without causing any harm.

4. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are quiet a tricky food substance: despite the fact that it is rich in protein, vitamins, amino acids etc., they are not easily digestible for most of us at some point of time. The problem while reheating it in the microwave is that its protein composition changes that can cause serious stomach bloating and stomach ache and it will result you to visit the hospital.

3. Potatoes

Potatoes are also included in the list. Reheating potatoes in the microwave lose their taste and health benefits are also not attained as well. It can even become a major cause of botulism if they are stored and packed in the foil at room temperature while reheating it. It’s recommended to eat mashed potatoes or make French fries on an immediate basis. If you have a leftover of boiled potatoes, add them in to your salad.

2. Chicken

While reheating chicken dishes in the microwave oven, its protein composition changes away and that is a major cause of creating problems in digestion. It is best to add the leftover of chicken while making sandwich or enjoy it with the salad.

1. Rice

Rice is a rich source of various minerals, vitamins and amino acids, but it also consists of spores that contain bacteria in it, surviving even after proper cooking. If rice is left at room temperature after its preparation, bacteria can easily multiply, which leads to food poisoning. Reheating it in the microwave creates the problem. It is recommended to eat the rice dish that you make on an immediate basis or it’s better to refrigerate it within an hour of rice preparation. You can also keep it in the fridge until the next day and serve it to your family.


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