We all know the fact that our health is totally dependent on what we select to eat. That is why it has not to be only tasty but also healthy for our human bodies. Sometimes, the wrong food combination of ingredients can cause serious illness and harm to our health. SooperChef will tell you about 7 food combinations that you should better avoid. We will also provide you with the great nutrition facts at the end of this article! So, enjoy reading the article till the end.

7. Cocoa and Milk

Cocoa is rich in oxalic acid, that blocks calcium absorption. When mixed with calcium, this acid contributes to form out oxalate crystals, that is bad for your kidneys if consumed in excessive amount. Of course, one cup of a regular hot chocolate per week won’t destroy your health, but, you must be careful with it if you have kidney problems. Fats are helpful for oxalate absorption, so if you’re prone to kidney stones, take cocoa with skimmed milk.

6. Salad, Lemon or Vinegar Dressing

The starchy carbs that pasta is so high in value in start to digest particular right amount in our mouths. It is done with the help of special ferment, ptyalin, found in our saliva. Moreover, tomatoes on the other hand consists of acids such as malic, citric, oxalic etc. which even in small amounts can break out the ferment. It leads to the hindrance of starch digestion. Moreover, the proteins already available in the cheese can make the situation more worse. The healthy tip that you must work out is to eat nonacidic, fresh or baked vegetables and greens such as basil, adding it into your pasta.

5. Eggs and Meat

This combination is rich in protein and most of the scientists believed that it turns out to be bad for our health. Our body spends a lot of energy while digesting a such type of food. That is the reason, having eggs and meat for breakfast make us deprive of ourselves, of the energy that we really need to start a fresh day every day. It is better to substitute meat with salad, cucumber or tomatoes because the antioxidant named selenium that is found in eggs is better digested with the acids that tomatoes or fresh vegetables consist of.

4. Bran and Milk

The phytic acid found in the bran, when combined with calcium and magnesium, form of insoluble compounds. It also makes these minerals inaccessible for your human body. The above acid is also found in wheat, oatmeal, etc. but in small amount. That is why it is not recommended to combine these products with the milk. Moreover, it’s better to drink milk separately after 1 to 1.5 hours after your meal. It’s better to boil bran beforehand because heat breaks down phytic acid.

3. Cereal and Orange Juices

Cereal combined with an orange or lime juice, especially in the morning, won’t boost your energy at all. In fact, it may result in serious discomfort and heaviness in your stomach. The acids in orange juice lowers down the enzyme activity that is a cause of breaking down of carbohydrates. For this same reason, it is best advised to combine grains with any other sour fruits. It would be better to have your glass of orange juice an hour after your meal is consumed.

2. Pizza and Soda

The combination of proteins, carbs and starch takes up an adequate amount of energy from your body during digestion. Moreover, the sugar in your soda slows down your stomach processes. It finally results in heaviness of stomach and bloating. Moreover, the sugar can’t be easily dissolved in your intestine due to a full stomach of stuff pizza diet. The combination of these two can lead to stomach problems if you have this type of meal too regularly. Any high-sugar foods must be consumed 1-1.5 hours after your eating.

1. Wheat Bread and Jam

Refined wheat flour combined with sweeteners is a double dosage of fast carbohydrates that is a cause of rapid glucose rise. It will provide a boost of energy for just a short span of time, followed by bad moods and exhaustion. Another argument against this combination in unrest with your bowels, caused by fermented yeast, sugar and dough. It is usually not recommended to have wheat bread with jam combo on an empty stomach. You can substitute wheat bread with whole wheat bread, especially if it is not yeasted. You are even better off trading jam with honey, since it doesn’t cause unrest and is a general healthy product to be used.

We are used to believe since our childhood that drinking juice is good for our health. However, drinking processed juice contains a lot of sugar: one glass of such type of juice contains about 2 tablespoons of refined sugar. On the contrary, fresh juice contains fiber, rather it is still rich in carbs. In order to lose excessive weight, it is better to substitute all your sweet drinks with pure water.

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