Most of the times our daily life routine and habits tend us to make it sure that we are doing the exact right kind of things, but in fact, some of our kitchen cooking habits keep up the bacteria on our daily cooking food items that is the cause of cooking contaminated food for the whole family. You must keep reading this article to find out how to handle such situations and keep your food safe and healthy for you and for your beloved ones. The common rule by SooperChef is to wash everything we consume to avoid bacteria going into our body. But, there are some of the food items that you should keep far away as you can from washing out in the faucet.

Things You Should Avoid to Wash


One must always wash nuts, even if they are peeled in a proper manner. We never know how they were stored and how they were transported to the grocery store or the open shop. Apart, washing them helps to wipe out the phytic acid that is present in fresh nuts. It is used to protect the nuts from parasites, but on the other side, not washing them in a proper manner may cause the harm to the human body.

Tin Cans Food Items

Thanks to the proper packaging and the lid that bacteria can’t get inside it and prevent it from contamination. But they surely will get contaminated if you do not tend to wash a tin can in a proper manner before you open its seal.

Things You Should Always Wash


Most of times, waste material is commonly on the eggs that gets contaminated by bacteria. Water usually is helpful and better to clean it and makes a cause of protection, so it is better to wash eggs while cooking, frying, boiling, etc.

Fruits and Veggies with Inedible Skin Cover

It is certain that what so ever technique you use to peel out such food items, the bacteria from the skin will get on it on the edible side of the food anyhow. That is why you should always wash melons, watermelons, bananas, and other fruits and veggies with the inedible skin before tasting them.

Fruits and vegetables with Edible Skin Coating

If you see your purchased veggies and fruits with edible skin in a clean and shiny form, it doesn't mean that you don't need to wash them in a wise manner at home. You must have to wash them in a proper manner. After washing, dry them with the napkin or a paper towel.

Dried Fruits

This type of food is claimed to be one of the harmful and dirtiest. It is a fact for these types of fruits that it is sold by weighing them. Even if you bought them in a nice packaging, you still have to wash it first or even need to soak them for a couple of hours in the water to wipe out the dust away from them.


The bacteria present on the fresh chicken is no doubt harmful for our health routine. The most common of the bacteria is salmonella. Most of us think that washing chicken right before cooking helps to clean it out from bacteria, but it is not the truth. When you wash your chicken to cook, the water used becomes helpful for the bacteria to spread it to your bare hands and the kitchen sink as well. So, if you start cooking the chicken right away, all the bacteria will die due to boiling water. According to SooperChef, it is better to boil chicken twice: as the water boils the chicken for the very first time, you should change the water and then continue cooking your favorite dish.


You must not keep your mushrooms under water for a long span of time as it soaks the water in an effective manner. It is better to rinse them in a quick manner and dry them right away with the paper towel. You must only do this when you start cooking them. Otherwise, this food item will spoil and lose its tendency of elasticity and won’t remain easy to cook as well.


It’s a good idea to wash the pasta before cooking. We think that not washing out the pasta should be a proper way because the water wipes the starch that helps to sink in the starch that helps to absorb the sauce in a more efficient manner. You can wash your pasta only after you cook it, in case if you want it to use for a salad or to cook with the stir-fry method.

Meat (Beef or Mutton)

Same goes with the meat, just like chicken you must not wash fresh meat (mutton, beef, lamb, etc.), just due to washing, it helps the bacteria to spread to your kitchen sink and on your bare hands. You can easily get rid of this bacterial contamination by boiling it at high temperatures. At SooperChef, we use napkins to remove the juice of the fresh meat from its surface. After that, we use hot water and soap to wash out our hands. You must make it a regular practice also.

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