Most of us make these simple mistakes that could really harm our body health. For instance, while taking a shower, it keeps us fresh all day long as it actually wipes out the natural bacteria on our skin and cleans it out, keeping our body healthy and refreshing every day. While keeping our loofah for too long means, it adds up bacteria in it – which can cause infection and harms our skin really quick. From ditching a razor to only soaping certain parts of the body, many experts reveal several ways you are taking a shower real wrong.

SooperChef has collected five typical mistakes that you do while taking a shower on a daily basis.

5. Taking Shower for too Long

Like hot and Luke water, taking a long shower is the reason for dry skin that results in itching and rashes. The recommended duration for a shower is about ten minutes.

4. Common Usage of Foamy Gels and Body Washes

The more lather created from a shower gel, the more superficially active substances there is in that particular shower gel. It means that it is wiping out your natural protective oily layer, that leads to roughness and dryness of the human skin. Moreover, if antibacterial washing agents are harmful to your skin, there is no use them on a daily basis or even weekly basis.

3. Using Wet and Old Sponges

Old and wet sponges are perfect source for consisting bacteria and molding its growth, so it is better to change them in four weeks’ time span. Try using a towel instead of sponges. It’s also necessary to dry the sponge after using it.

2. Overly Enthusiastic Drying Body with a Towel

Rinse and dry your body with a soft towel, leaving it a bit moist at the end. Then apply your favorite cream, and your skin will glow plus remain healthy and smooth!

1. Extreme Hot Water Usage

Hot water makes our skin flaky and dry. It normally washes away too much of skin fat, but leaves it defenseless. It also has a chance to increase blood flow, which often leads to inflammations, erythema, and skin rashes. 35-40% of water temperature are purely perfect for healthy skin.

Hope, you find this article informative enough and next time you take a bath, do not be a part of these common mistakes.


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