Either you are packing up for a weekend city break or family tour, these are all of the handy tips you will ever need for stress-free packing of your suitcase. It’s best to take our advice from SooperChef and use the below handy packing list and start up your journey with a happy mood. Follow these easy to learn examples by SooperChef and you will always stay in control of the situation while packing and make the bestest use of even the smallest suitcases you ever have in your homes!

1. Never Stack your clothes, Roll them up

The best way to save the space in your suitcase is to make sure that your clothes don’t crease and it’s best to store them in tight rolls instead of stacking them on top of one another. This way, even the shortest suitcase can easily adjust 3 pair of pants, 3 pair of jeans, 1 regular suit, 3 winter sweaters and much more.

2. Use Vacuum Bags

Vacuum bags are not of a value for packing heavy clothes such as jackets, soft toys or bed linen etc. Such type of packing method will save you some serious space. While time comes to pack your bags to leave from home, vacuum bags will prove to be handy in such a situation. For instance, storing dirty laundry.

3. Use the ’Pyramid’ Principle

First of all, it is time to pack up your shoes by arranging them along your suitcase walls. Next thing to do, pack large clothes such as pants, shirts and suits. Don’t roll them up. Spread them out at the bottom of the suitcase as these clothes will serve as a wrapping for the rest of your stuff. Now, it’s time to roll up your non-creasing clothes. They will form the mid layer of the pyramid. At the end, roll up and pack the lighter items. Finally, pack the highly and dense creasable things such as cosmetics, other accessories, documents and place them at the top of your “Pyramid”.

4. No-No to the Umbrella

If you have a large umbrella, it is better to leave it at home. Pack a raincoat instead, because it will take up lesser room in your suitcase. In fact, we will guide you to buy many disposable raincoats before going on vacations to protect you from rainy or wet weather. And once the rain is over, you can simply leave it or dispose them away!

5. It’s Better to Buy Travel-Size Cosmetics

Almost all of us feel the temptation to pack our holiday suitcases/bags with as much jars and tubes as possible. How so ever, it would be a wise decision to resist this need in favor of taking more useable things. While on holidays or family tours, try to buy your favorite cosmetic products.

6. Pack Small Things in a Proper Way

When it comes to pack smaller objects such as USB drives, hairpins, socks, tights, sunglasses, reading glasses, it’s better to place them in your packed shoes and cosmetic boxes. As for your expensive and delicate jewelry, you can store them inside the pillbox.

7. Using Coat Hangers

While transporting your valuable clothes such as business suits, tuxedos, classic shirts etc., rolling them inside your suitcase just won’t add the value. It’s better to ensure that these costly and valuable items reach your destination in a wearable condition. Use the coat hangers and pack them properly. This way, you can easily make use of wall-mounted hooks that are available inside your cars or train compartments and even on airplanes.

8. Don’t Pack more Medicine

There is no point in trying to keep the entire medicine kit in your holiday suitcase or a handy bag. But, it would be a sensible decision to select only the essential drug. Pack only couple of pills for each type of medicine that you need. To keep the medicine safe, it’s best to use the small containers and pack them in your shoes.

9. Don’t Leave Empty Spaces in Your Suitcases

While packing suitcases or handy bags, you might select and decide to leave some space for any item that might acquire space during your trip. But, such a decision will be a cause of your packed clothes to become creased out during the journey. You must fill the empty spaces with small clothing items such as undergarments.

10. Only Take What’s Useful for You

Stuff like camera cases, hairdryers, notebook covers, travel guides must be kept at home. It’s better to wrap the electronic gadgets in your hoodie as it will give an adequate protection throughout the journey. Paper travel guides can easily be replaced with updated smartphone apps. As for sorting out hairdryer thing, you can easily get it in your hotel room. The same goes for slippers, sun blocks, kids’ toys and caps/hats. All of them can be easily bought from your pocket while you are enjoying at your holiday destination.

We would love to hear your feedback on these packing tips for your holiday trips or family vacations. You can also share your packing tips as well with the audience and us as well.

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