What foods are good for us and which ones are not is a debate that has been a hot topic since time immemorial. But there are plenty of foods out there that were falsely labeled as bad foods and excluded unfairly from our diets. But today, the largest online food network in the country: sooperchef.pk has listed a top six of the best foods that you can give to your body and your body would literally thank you for it.

Whole Wheat Bread

Whole wheat bread was once considered bad for fitness eaters but in reality, it is loaded with lots of vitamins like B6 and B9, which help reinforce the nervous system, keep the emotional state balanced, and provide a boost to the immune system. It’s also full of trace minerals, like magnesium, which is a key figure when keeping the energy levels high is under consideration. It’s the responsibility of the Proteins to build muscles and bones, and the carbs help our brain cells concentrate. Whole wheat bread can be used to make any kind of tasty sandwich that you crave. Find a recipe here.


Just like apples, carrots are great to keep the doctor away too. Carrots help our immune system as they are full of carotene: a substance that turns into Vitamin А inside of our bodies. Vitamin A is great for the improvement of our resistance to infections.


Bananas are often labeled as fattening foods and are excessively excluded from the healthy ration list. But there is nothing better than a banana when it comes to moderating blood sugar levels. Bananas are rich in resistant starch which provides a feeling of fullness and lessens the appetite by slowing our stomach from emptying out real fast. Bananas are also rich in pectin, which helps eliminate toxins from our body. a banana-apple smoothie for a vitamin charge can be a great way to start your day in the morning.


Nuts are loaded with fiber, which keeps our skin clear and provides it with a natural glow. As a replacement for being oozed out through our skin, nuts ensure that ailments like yeast, rashes, and funguses exit our body through the excretory system, with the help of the high fiber content. Although too many nuts can contribute to weight gain, so it’s better not to go nuts with the nuts.


Chicken eggs have 12 basic vitamins in them: A, D, E, H, K, group B (B1, B2, B3, B4, B9) and along with some others. Furthermore, egg yolk has as much Vitamin D as fish oil does. Eggs are also packed with amino acids and play a chief part in building our bodies the right way. They are great food for fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders since they are one of the gold standard sources of animal protein. Plus eggs can be made as an omelet, fried, boiled, soft-boiled or however you like, so you don’t need to worry about getting bored of them either!


If you are one of the folks who rarely eat meat, poultry, or fish, beans can prove to be very helpful to get your hands on all the necessary proteins. The balance of proteins and complex carbohydrates provides an easygoing, stable source of glucose as a substitute for the abrupt surge that can take place after consuming simple carbohydrates. Beans are also great for people with diabetes, but even for the folks who don`t have this ailment, beans still assist the procedure of replacing old cells with the new ones.read more:Top 10 Popular Breakfast Foods Which Dietitians Disapprove Of


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