We have all heard the quote "Early to bed and early to rise" since the beginning of our childhoods and for good reason. Sleep is one of the most important factors in the development of a healthy body and active brain. But many people today suffer from insomnia and other sleeping disorders which results in muscle fatigue and neural stress. Here are ten steps that you need to follow if you want to have a better sleep tonight.

1. Follow a Bedtime Schedule

Irregularity is sleep can cause many problems so it’s essential to stick to a wake-up and sleep routine even on weekends. This helps regulate the body’s clock and helps you fall asleep better.

2. Bedtime rituals

Performing a bedtime ritual that takes your mind off of the stress from the day is a good way to have a perfect sleep. Many activities like sitting with family, or reading a book can be a perfect example as such activities throw stress, excitement, and anxiety out of your system.

3. Workout

A vigorous workout session can help you in many ways and even light exercises are proven to help the body sleep soundly and more restfully. You can exercise any time of the day and it will help you have a better sleep for the night.

4. Avoid Naps

If you have trouble sleeping at night, you should consider eliminating even the smallest of the naps from your routine. Eliminating the shortest of the catnaps could be of great help in this case.

5. Get Your Bedroom Right

A well-designed bedroom is necessary for a good night's sleep, many factors like bright lights, sounds, and other distractions should be eliminated and the bedroom should be of optimum temperature around 60 to 67 degrees. Blackout curtains, eye shades, ear plugs and other devices are a great help when designing a perfect bedroom.

6. Comfortable Mattress and Pillows

Mattresses and pillows play an important role in shaping the body’s sleeping pattern but are often overlooked and considered to be of low value. A soft mattress that supports your back well and a pillow that is neither too soft and nor too stiff should be used in order to get some quality sleeping time.

7. Manage your Circadian Rhythm

Exposing yourself to sunlight in the morning and avoiding bright lights in the evening is necessary to get the body’s circadian rhythm right which is a key factor for the management of sleep.

8. Avoid Heavy Meals, Cigarettes

Having foods like coffee, smoking cigarettes and eating large spicy meals is one of the biggest factors of disrupted sleeping as they cause discomfort from indigestion which makes it hard for the body to fall asleep. Dinner should be taken before two or three hours before bedtime so the body has adequate time to deal with the digestion process before you get to bed.

9. Tone down the lights

The human body is designed in such a way that it needs time to shift into sleep mode, so the last hours prior to bedtime, should be spent while doing some calming activates like reading or taking a soothing walk in the garden. Also, the usage of electronic devices such as laptops and smartphones should be avoided as they emit rays that activate neurons which cause distortion in sleep.

10. Keep your bedroom confined to sleeping

Electronic devices like TVs laptops and computers should be kept out of the bedroom to create a perfect sleeping environment. Also, a bedroom should be only used for sleeping and activities like studying etc should be performed elsewhere. This kind of atmosphere omits factors like anxiety away from your bedroom and the mind feels much calmer.


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