In this age of social media, everyone wants to have a perfect look for themselves. People of all ages can be seen at gyms, working out their muscles, engaged in intensive exercise sessions. But they often forget that a good diet is an important factor for proper muscle buildup, fat loss and recovery. Our team at Sooperchef has listed five of the top muscle building foods for you so you can enjoy proper muscle growth and achieve your desired body shape much quickly!

1. Beef

Beef is known as the father of all muscle building foods due to its high nutrition values, it is packed with protein which is the basic muscular building material, B vitamins and iron. Beef is also rich in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which boosts the body and promotes fat loss in while encouraging lean muscle growth.

2. Apples

Apples are one of the best pre-workout choices if you are willing to shed fat and gain muscle. This is because of the presence of specific phenols in apples which encourage muscle strength and prevention of muscular fatigue, allowing the body to train harder for longer whiles.

3. Eggs

Eggs are considered to be the gold standard of animal protein. They can be easily prepared in many different and tasty recipes and won’t lose their nutrient content. Eggs are not only known for their abilities to boost muscular strength and muscle mass but the cholesterol found in egg yolks is helpful in reduction of the LDL (bad cholesterol) particles from the body as well.

4.Brown Rice

If you are looking for a slow digesting whole grain that would provide a longer lasting energy supply to your body then brown rice is the thing for you. The great thing about brown rice is that boost the levels of growth hormones in the body which promotes great muscle development, fat loss as well as strength gain.

5. Spinach

This healthy green veggie is a great source of amino acids and glutamine, both of which are essential for muscular development. In addition to this, the glutamine also promotes muscle strength development and boosts physical endurance.

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