Contrary to what many people around the world believe, Pakistani people are one of the friendliest and people, who have traveled across people, can testify this fact. Another thing that is correctly famous for people of Pakistan is their endless love for food. Our beautiful country has four provinces, and each of it has some traditional cuisines of its own, that represents and reflects its culture and lifestyle. Whether it is the cooking method or use of spices in the recipe, each cuisine has a distinction and flavor of its own. The writing team of Pakistan’s number one online food network, sooperchef, has listed some of the most popular Pakistani recipes eaten in the four corners of this beautiful country.

1. Punjab


Something that Punjabis can’t say no to is a spicy and fiery tikka. Be it a chicken tikka, beef tikka, namkeen mutton tikka boti or even a delectable fish tikka, Punjabi’s can’t have enough of it. Furthermore, this tasty delicacy is not only eaten in Punjab but all over the country with the same delight.

Gosth and Vegetable Curries

Some of the tastiest Punjabi curries are made simply by tossing vegetables along with mutton or beef and cooked. Aloo gosth, shaljam gosth, and saag gosth are some of the most eaten vegetable and meat curries of Pakistan.


Can’t cook for the night? Gas shortage? Having guest? Too lazy to cook? Or just wanting a good hangout with your pals? All of these questions can be answered in with a simple one-word answer, karahi! No matter if it’s a chicken karahi, beef karahi or shinwari karahi, you just can’t say no to the tasty stir-fried meat with lots of spices and taste!


This one is the ultimate all-rounder from Punjab. Qeema is great for so many reasons: it is tasty, loaded with protein, can be made and stored for long and goes well with many different kinds vegetables like potatoes, peas, chopped onion and capsicums.

2. Sindh

Sindhi Biryani

Ask a majority of Pakistan’s population about what they would like to eat for lunch today and the reply is undoubtedly biryani. From college canteens to five-star restaurants, you can find this aromatic delicacy everywhere. Sindh has its very own version of this palatable recipe known as the Sindhi biryani which is famous all over the country. This version of the biryani has diced potatoes in it as well as meat chunks.


Although fish and seafood is eaten all over Pakistan, yet Sindh, being near to the sea has a special taste for seafood. Fish tikka, deep fried fish, pan-fried and grilled fish can be tasted in many different flavors and spices.

3. KPK


Having more than a thousand kabab eateries in Peshawar alone, kababs are a specialty of the province of KPK. Having minimum agricultural lands, the denizens traditionally rely on meat for most of their staple diets. Chapli kababs, Badami seekh kababs, and charsi tikka are some of the most well-known delicacies from the capital of, Khyber Pakhtunkhwah, Peshawar.

Kabuli Pulao

As the name suggests, this rice recipe is originally an Afghani recipe but it has also cemented its name as one of the most eaten pulaos in the country of Pakistan. This tasty dish is prepared with steamed rice and mutton or lamb meat and is garnished with dried fruits like almonds, walnuts, and cashews.

Shinwari Kabab/Tikka

There is no doubt that people of KPK love lamb meat. One of the finest tikkas and kababs in the province are made with lamb meat by skewering its meat on coals with the help of iron rods called seekhs. The meat from a lamb of young age and small size is the best way to have the special tenderness and flavor of the unique shinwari tikka/kabab.

4. Baluchistan

Khadi Kabab

This delicacy is a native to the Baluchistan province and has a very peculiar way of preparation. it is prepared by barbecuing an entire lamb or goat with the stomach of the animal filled with lots of rice that are cooked with the help of animals fat, and no other ghee or oil is used.


Just like the khadi kabab, sijji is native to the Baluchistani province but served all over Pakistan, nevertheless. The famous Baluchi sijji is prepared like the khadi kabab; the only difference is that instead of a goat, a whole hen is used with rice placed inside its stomach. The original sijji is marinated only with salt and roasted over coals and served with the special rice that is cooked inside it.


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