Sometimes, it is better to be a bit more anxious about your health and start to focus on tiny little things that happen to your body as such indication turn out to be helpful to clarify and get rid of a scary dangerous disease at a really early stage.

BetterRead has gathered such unidentified things that happens to form a change in our outlook or behave and it might signal a tragic diagnosis. You really need to take care of your health, if it is happening with you.

One Eye is Red when you have taken a photo with a Flash

Red-eye in a photo taken with a flashlight on while taking photos at nighttime shows an indication of flickered blood vessels in a person’s eye. And if one of the eyes in the photo turned out to be red and the other one is white, it shows a blockage in your blood vessels. It could be a simple eye infection, a cataract or even an eye cancer and that is quite harmful. So, if you have noticed such an impact of your eye on a photo, you should visit the ophthalmologist.

A black Line on Your nail

A black line on your nail signals toward a possible skin cancer. This specific line on the nail is known as melanonychia. It must not be confused with any type of nail disease but its an indication of a serious sickness in the body. If you notice it, go to the doctor on an immediate basis as this line can be a symptom of some serious bad happenings in the body.

A Drastic change in handwriting

If the handwriting of a person is changed on a sudden basis and the handwriting is too poor to understand, it could be a symptom of Parkinson’s disease or turn out to be a tremor paralysis. With such a type of disease, our handwriting changes drastically, that may become small, uneven, poor or disappearance of alphabets. It is connected to the fact that the person is trying his/her utmost to control the tremor that is present in his/her hands.

A strong Urge to Get Everything in Written

Writing your goals or plans on a piece of paper is really a good habit but if a person has never done it before and all of a sudden, feels an urge to write down the things as he/she is forgetting certain circumstances, it could be a worst sign. It may sign up for a short-term memory loss or the first sign of Alzheimer’s disease.

Periodic Light Flashes

Seeing sudden and periodic flashes of lights particularly in places or via viewing anything where there is no light, it can be a cause of retina damage. If such type of flashes such as sudden lightning or exploding stars comes with a dizziness or a headache, you must consult a doctor on an immediate basis.

Unquenchable thirst

If a person starts to feel thirsty more than normal and it goes up to excessive drinking more than a routine, it is a symptom of intoxication and it can be caused by various striking factors that may range from a hangover to the poisonous tumors in the body. The most frequent disease turns out to be diabetes in such a case.

Hope, you are going to take a proper care of your body in a better way than before.

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