Gift cards are selectively chosen for this perfect occasion and they are great to express your love for the mother, but the tastiest way to have fun on the Mother’s Day is cooking an awesome Mother’s Day dinner. Either she has a sweet tooth for savory desserts, a snack with a tea or breakfast in the bed, or a delectable dinner to be served at the dining table, SooperChef has got the perfect recipes to fill her stomach and her heart with complete joy and happiness and that is surely going to leave an overwhelming impact on your mother.Here is the list of the best dinner ideas for Mother’s Day 2018. Let us have a look at them:

Tandoori Chicken Recipe

This one delectable chicken recipe known as the tandoori chicken recipe is made with the help of chicken meat prepared with roasting the marinated chicken in a clay made oven that is named as a tandoor. That is why it is called as the tandoori chicken recipe. Usually, chicken is marinated for a time in yogurt and spices before roasting chicken and a perfect spicy taste is ensured to please the taste buds of your mother with this recipe. You can definitely give this recipe a try while watching the 1-minute instant cooking video. This desi dish is widely admired all across the nation and eaten all over the world. Get the complete recipe here.

Arrabiata Pasta Recipe

Pasta recipe is basically prepared by using unleavened dough of durum wheat flour and that is basically a mix of water or eggs and then styled or formed into different shapes and sizes of all kinds. Some of the types of pasta recipes are usually made with the help of rice flour instead of using wheat flour. There are two broad different categories in which pasta is mostly differentiated, fresh pasta and dried pasta. This one delectable Arrabita Pasta recipe is made up of spicy Italian sauce, customed to be made for flavoring Arrabita pasta. The recipe is a mix of pasta and sauce made from tomatoes, garlic, and dried chili peppers, cooked in the olive oil. Get the complete recipe here.

Lemon Chicken Recipe

The mouthwatering and palatable recipe of lemon chicken is going to serve perfectly with the hunger cravings on this Mother’s Day for your mom. This Canadian-Chinese styled of Lemon Chicken usually involves the cooking of small chunks of chicken meat that are basically sautéed or deep fried with the perfect covering of lime flavored sausage. The recipe makes a perfect combo with boiled rice. Get the complete recipe of Lemon Chicken and give it a try at home.

Mutton Gushtaba Recipe

The mutton Gushtaba recipe is usually prepared with the help of lamb or goat meat. One of the most prominent features of this energizing and nutritious recipe is that the meat is being shaped into a big meatball to be cooked and the meatball is much larger in the size as compared to the normal dry kofta. We are quite sure that this recipe is new for you and it is unique of its own kind. Get the complete recipe of Mutton Gushtaba here and surprise your mom with this perfect new variant to be served at the dinner time.

Teriyaki Chicken Recipe

We want you to try something totally new to be tasted by your mom on this special day and Teriyaki Chicken recipe will serve you perfectly right. The recipe is originated from Japan and teriyaki style of cooking is integrated within this community of the world. The technique used for cooking teriyaki style dishes involves the food that is being prepared by broiling or grilling with the help of glazing done by soy sauce, sugar, and mirin. Do give a try to this simple yet most amazing dish to be served at the time of dinner for your Mom. Get the complete recipe here.

Maqlooba Recipe

This Arabian recipe that is named as maqlooba is a traditional dish originated from the Middle East. The recipe includes the combination of meat, fried veggies, and rice altogether in a pot. The pot is usually flipped over when the recipe is ready to be served as per the Arabic norms. That is why the name Maqlooba is given to this wonderful and mouthwatering dish. Get the complete recipe of Maqlooba here.Hope, you are going to please your mom with these delectable recipes on this upcoming Mother’s Day.


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