Collagen is the primary structural protein that is present in skin and other connective tissues, basically used in a cleansed form for cosmetic surgical treatments as well. Vitamin C plays a significant role in the formation and production of collagen. Collagen plays a vital role in glowing skin, strong nails and shiny hair.BetterRead is providing you the information to boost up your collagen supply for your body on a natural basis.

Lean protein

Collagen is the richest source of protein in the human body, primarily tasked with keeping hair, skin, and nails healthier and strong. To ensure there is plenty of it, the body consumes protein from diet sources as the building blocks to make more. The protein we eat in the form of food is further broken down into amino acids during digestion, that is further reassembled into collagen. It is recommended to intake lean protein such as chicken breast, beef, fish or mutton.

Green peas

Veggies aren’t considered as a typical high source of protein unless we talk about green peas, that boosts up to eight grams in just one regular cup. You can make a salad out of them or add them into your soup to intake as a form of your diet.

Bell peppers

The antioxidant properties of Vitamin C makes it an important component for the production of collagen and bell peppers, especially the red ones are the perfect source of it. Collagen is an aid to the skin to maintain the elasticity and hydration, that battles the symptoms of skin aging with wrinkles and fine lines.


We surely need the collagen being reproduced in a natural way as it should be, and Vitamin A plays an important role in that. Carrots are considered to be a perfect source that caters all your needs. You can eat them on your own, make a salad or try its juice.


Beef is a rich source of protein and if you buy beef that have tough cut such as rump roast or chuck is going to give you a natural form of collagen breakdown in your diet as a food.

Leafy greens

Spinach, mustard greens, kale are the dark leafy green vegetables that consists of collagen-boosting trifecta of Vitamin A and Vitamin C plus zinc. You can make salad out of them and add it in your diet plan. Moreover, leafy greens are compulsory to fulfill your body needs.


This juicy orange taste fruit is rich source of Vitamin A, a building block of collagen. This fruit can be enjoyed in raw or dried form as well. Moreover, this fruit is rich in antioxidants.


This legume consists of major components that is helpful for the production of collagen – Vitamin A & C, protein, zinc and thiamine. Thiamine is a type of vitamin that is very important for the production of collagen as it helps to break down proteins. Vitamin B available in it is also helpful in skin revitalization and healing of wounds.

Bone broth

Bones and its cartilage from animals such as lamb, cows, chicken are the richest source of both protein and natural collagen. Bones having knuckles or knee joints are the perfect source to get collagen as it is an aid for the prevention of wrinkles, leaving behind a glowing skin.Hope you find this article informative. Do share your views on this one.Also Read: Things That Happens for Good Reason If You Start Waking Up an Hour Earlier

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