There is a saying that goes like “jinnay Lahore ni takkeya, o jammeya e nhn” which translates to “he who has not seen Lahore, is not worthy of being alive”. The same is the case with Lahori food, no one can call himself a food lover if he hasn’t eaten the lovely cuisine that is served in the historical city of Lahore. In this article, we have compiled a list of ten eateries that serve the best meals in Lahore.

  1. Nasir kay Paye

Nasir kai PaayeNasir k paye is one of the places that is known for its delicious Paye recipes and Lahoris from all over Lahore come here to enjoy a good old desi paye meal. Since Phajjay ka paye has gone too mainstream, it is recommended that you try nasir kay paye at all costs.
  1. Bhayya kay Kabab

Bhaiya kai KebabIf you are looking for tasty, aromatic and spicy kabab meal for the evening, then you should go to model town, Lahore where the best kababs of the city are served. Bhayya kay kabab is known as one of the best kababs in town for its freshness and tenderness of the meat and great taste that will keep you bringing back for more.

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  1. Bashir Daar-ul-Mahi

Bhaiya kai KebabBashir Daar-ul-Mahi which literally translates to Bashir’s house of fish is arguably one of the oldest fish eateries in Lahore. In the chilly winter seasons of Lahore, nothing can be better than some spicy, crispy fried fish!

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  1. Taj Puri Wala

Bhaiya kai KebabIf you are craving a true Lahori halwa puri and chana breakfast, then give Taj puri wala to fall in love with some magical tastes that Lahore has to offer. Located right opposite to Badshahi mosque, you will pay for a great halwa puri breakfast and enjoy a beautiful historic view for free.
  1. Amritsari Hareesa

Amritsari HareesaSome of us might know this recipe as the step sister of haleem, but it is really different from in some great ways! Located on Nisbat Road near Lakshmi Chowk, a two storey building with not the fanciest environment and silver spoons, but man they do serve some awesome hareesa!
  1. Riaz Falooda

Riaz FaloodaIf you are one of the folks who prefer crepes, waffles and hot chocolate then this is not the place for you. Riaz falooda is however, one of the best spots to enjoy a good ol’ desi falooda. Located in anarkali, a bowl of riaz falooda is a refreshing assortment of kulfa and those refreshing cold slimy noodles.
  1. Nisbat road k Gol Gappay

Nisbat Road Kai Gol GappayOpposite of Amritsari hareesa, you can find a particular vendor who serves the best gol gappay in all of Lahore. You take these fried puris filled with Chaney, yogurt, potatoes and all sorts of spicy goodies. You take one and dip it in khatta pani or have it with meethi chutney, either way, it fills your mouth with explosions of flavor and takes you to a whole new world.
  1. Butt Karahi

Butt ki karhaiButt Karahi is one of the best places if you want to have the true taste of Lahore. Located at Lakshmi Chowk, it serves the best chicken Karahi you can find in the entire city. One of the specialties of butt Karahi is the creamy makhan kharai.

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  1. Nishat Takatak

Nishat TakatakIf you are looking for a great evening out with friends then all you need to do is drive to Gulistan cinema where you will hear the melodious sound of takatak. The clanking sound mutton being turned into a slimy gooey thing that looks rather funny buts tastes so damn good! You can also enjoy their famous brain masala along with the mint chutney.
  1. Waris ki Nihari

Waris NihariIf you are a big fan of tasty tender meat then Waris ki Nihari is definitely the place for you. The tasty slow cooked beef curry they serve is nothing less than a delicacy which can be enjoyed with some really fresh tandoori naans. One of their surprising features is that they serve a wide range of nihari’s ranging from plain nihari to special tawa fried Nihari.

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