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We all are living a fast-paced lifestyle that drives us crazy, having tight schedules and to-do list, high amount of stress involved, always sleep deprived and tons of hectic daily obligations to do. It makes no space for us to groom ourselves and take a proper care of our health, so we become prone to various health issues and numerous diseases. At SooperChef, we provide you with seasonal tips and tricks such as how to prevent colds with the usage of natural food items. Getting back to, the early signs and symptoms, including hair loss, insomnia, thin and brittle nails, flaky or dry skin, frequent headaches, stress and anxiety etc. Well, you can always battle panic attacks forever by reading this article.

Here are the pickiest and best of delicious and healthy drinks. Each one of them is having a burst of vitamins, and you can make yourself completely healthy by using below food items in no time at all.

Walnuts, Parsley, Honey, Ginger and Raisins

You will see a visible improvement in your fatigue and the worst condition of your hair and nails by making the following recipe. Place walnuts, dried parsley leaves in a blender and blend them together. Now add pure honey, raisins and grounded ginger. Start consuming this energy booster 2 to 3 times in a week.

Celery, Lime, Spinach, and Bananas

Celery is such a veggie that just not only burn down the calories but also provide you with vitamins and other rich nutrients. Blend one glass of spinach leaves, two celery sticks, and a glass of water, then add the lime juice and one banana. Start enjoying this delectable multi-vitamin cocktail and you can easily win the battle against hair loss, Insomnia and thin Brittle nails.

Beetroot, Celery, Cucumber, Apple, Parsley, Carrot, and Ginger

Brace yourself for this delicious thick drink that is bright in color and full of multi-vitamins. Take one carrot, adequate amount of beetroot, one cucumber, one celery stick, two apples. Small bunch of parsley and a little pint of ginger. Mix all of them in the blender together and you are going to get a healthy and tasty drink for your fight.

Strawberry, Cherries, Banana and Mint

Berry drinks with a mixture of mint is refreshing and juicy. Take 200 grams of deep frozen strawberries, cherries or cranberries, 2 bananas and 1 glass of mint leaves with one glass of water. Mix all of them in the blender and your energy booster is ready.

Grapefruit, Strawberry, Flax Seeds, Grape, Banana, Avocado, and Lemon

This mixture drink in rich in Vitamin C that helps to vitalize your immune level and overall health. Grind some of the flax seeds in your blender and then add the rest of the ingredients that are one half of grapefruit, a handful of seedless grapes, 15 frozen strawberries, half avocado and one banana with the little amount of lemon juice as per your taste. Blend them well and your energy drink rich in Vitamins is ready to consume.

Apple, Cucumber, and Lemon

Lemon contains the high amount of Vitamin C while apples are a great source of providing iron and pectin. Try making a healthy mix juice out of them. Mix one apple and then add up half of the lemon juice in a blender while adding two cucumbers. Your healthy mix is prepared.

Cucumber and Parsley

It only consists of two ingredients but the drink is rich in vitamins. A cucumber contains 96 percent of water while parsley is rich in providing antioxidants and vitamins. It makes a type of refreshing drink that will let you feel healthier and hulk in power.

Orange, Tea, Grapefruit, Lemon, Honey and Banana

Green tea and citrus fruits are for sure the best to detox your body. Mix them together with one peeled orange, half amount of grapefruit, juice from half sliced lemon, a glass of cool green tea, one mashed up banana and one teaspoon of honey and your vibrant drink is ready to be consumed.

Apple Juice, Carrot, Banana, and Lemon

Take one glass of apple juice, one peeled banana, two tablespoons of chopped carrots and the juice from half sliced lemon. Blend all the ingredients until it turns out to be smooth to enjoy this juicy revitalizing drink.

Carrots, Pineapple, and Apple

Pineapple is best known for its fat burning properties and other nutritional benefits. You must take half of the pineapple, two carrots, and two apples. Slice them and add the diced ingredients to the blender and blend until it becomes smooth enough to enjoy this rejuvenating drink.

Hope, you find this article appropriate enough to fight your battle against thin brittle nails, insomnia or hair loss. Want to add more of the drinks you know off, You are always welcome to share your knowledge at SooperChef. You can also find ample of Cooking Recipes here that we are sure you will love to give a try on a daily basis.

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