These are the Worst Eye Care Mistakes You

These are the Worst Eye Care Mistakes You

These are the Worst Eye Care Mistakes You

Take care of your eyes as they are a blessing. Here is how to make sure that your eyes stay healthy and bright as you age further. People rely on the vision, that is provided naturally by our eyes. We rely on the moment we wake up from the bed till we turn off the lights to sleep. But are you really taking good care of your eyes? Here is what you must not be doing to your eyes to make sure your vision stays sharper and healthy as you grow older.

Sleeping with contact lenses

Do not even think about sleeping while wearing any type of contact lens. You will be depriving your own corneas of oxygen, and that can cause serious infection and boost bacteria for further growth. It is a fine way to take a small nap with your contact lenses, but it will be safe enough to take them as you are about to oversleep.

Touching and rubbing your eyes

Whenever your eyes itch and you need to rub them, it is best to keep the eyelid closed and only touch the outside of the eye. Rubbing hardly can also break the blood vessels and resulting in a cause of inflammation. Another reason to keep your hands off from your pretty eyes is that your eyes are guarded by mucous membranes, a moist tissue that can gather dirt and germs and cause the bacteria to grow in your eyes. Shaking someone else

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