Weird Facts About Our Human Body

Weird Facts About Our Human Body

Weird Facts About Our Human Body

Sometimes, we need to think about just how mind-blowing our human body is when we talk about facts. Usually, we do not even realize or even feel something special about our body. But, the truth is, every single moment our human body performs day to day non-stop actions, there is some weird and crazy kind of functions here are there behind the performance of our body.

Let us have a look at some interesting facts:

Blood Vessels

There are almost 100,000 miles of blood vessels in our human body. If you could even imagine how long it is, consider the blood vessels of your body could go at least 4 times around the circumference across the entire globe.

Human Brain

Our brain normally operates on the same amount of power as a regular 10-watt electric light bulb. The human brain uses 200 kilocalories on a daily basis. For instance, that is almost 10 percent of the power needed to run a 100-watt electric light bulb.

Human Regeneration

A human body completely reforms itself after seven years. To let you know one interesting fact is that while you are reading this, 25,000,000 blood cells died. It is a normal routine process and over the last 24 hours, your body has produced around 300 billion blood cells.

More Blood Cells than Entire Galaxy

Our human body has more blood cells as compared to the stars visible in the galaxy. Our entire human body is compiled of almost 75 trillion blood cells and our galaxy is made up of 400 billion stars.

Positive Thoughts Lead to a Positive Life

Our blood cells are able to react according to what our mind is thinking. There is a well-known saying by Lao Tzu:

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