Ways to Become More Beautiful Even While You

Ways to Become More Beautiful Even While You

Ways to Become More Beautiful Even While You

The night time is perfect to care for your body. It is the time when your entire body recovers, and your tendency is at its peak to efficiently recuperate.

BetterRead has gathered a couple of advice for you to pamper yourself while you are sound asleep.

Make an Aloe Vera facial mask

Aloe Vera juice is an aid that will help to whiten your skin, wipe away your pimples and, moreover, it prevents your skin from wrinkles. It is suitable for any skin type. All you need to do is to pick up the right mask for your skin rather it is oily, mixed or dry. It is best to be applied twice in a week.

Make a vitamin E mask for your under eyes

Most of us suffer from dry, thin, or easily prone to wrinkles type of skin beneath our eyes. For the prevention of aging down, you need to apply Vitamin E masks before going to sleep at night. It can be easily found at any drugstore in the form of capsules. You can also add fish or olive oil for the ultimate result. But, you need to be very careful while applying Vitamin E as too much of the amount causes swelling and irritation. You can apply it once in a week.

Apply castor oil to your eyelashes and brows

You need to properly wash an old mascara brush and dip it into castor oil properly. Apply the castor oil on your eyelashes and eyebrows as they tend to increase the growth and density of both of them. You can do this procedure every single night before you go to bed.

Applying coconut oil to your lips

If you have dry lips, especially flaky and drying of lips happen in the winter season, coconut oil will be of great help for you. It surely takes a long time to get properly absorbed in your lips and the nighttime is perfect for you to apply it. You can apply organic coconut oil to your lips and your lips will be clearer and smooth.

Moisturize your hair

Your hairs get an utter damage due to the polluted environment throughout the day and it definitely needs to be recovered. The major cause of dull and flaky hairs is due to lack of moisture in them. There are various type of oils and sprays that can be used to moisten your hair. You can use mustard oil, coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, etc.

Apply Vaseline on your Hair

The reason your hair breaks and have split edges is due to dryness. Same as your skin, your hair needs a proper moisturizer to stay perfect, healthy, silky and strong. Vaseline stays an ideal moisturizer to get your hairs hydrated and it helps to prevent split ends and enhances its growth as well.

Soften your hands

If you need to care for your hands and make them soft and smooth, you surely need this method to be adopted before going to sleep. Wash your hands and apply some scrub on them. Then massage them and wash thoroughly. Now, dry your hands with the help of tissue or towel and apply a proper moisturizing cream while twisting each finger of your hands. Take gentle care of the areas that are in between your fingers and wrists. You can put on the gloves if you feel like and take them off in the morning.

Prevent rough skin on your feet

Winter season is the proper time to take care of your feet as they get dried normally during this season. Your flaky, dry and callused heels will become smooth and softer with the help of coconut or olive oil. First, you need to scrub your heels and wipe them with the towel or tissue. Then, apply coconut or olive oil to your soles, put your cotton socks and go to sleep.


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