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Vegetable Katori Pizza

Vegetable Katori pizza Howdy, there sooper foodies! A lot of our foodies are tired of eating the same hand tossed or deep pan pizza recipes all over and over again. They are looking for something new and incredibly tasty that will not only satisfy their appetite but would also be an innovative vision for the eyes. So if you are one of those foodies then you have come to the right place, my friend. is bringing in the delectable and innovative vegetable Katori pizza recipe! Yes, you read that right; it is a pizza in a Katori! There have been some truly awesome and scrumptious pizza recipes on the menu of Pakistan’s largest online food network, such as the tasty and crispy chicken flatbread pizza recipe, the cheesy and cute pizza bombs recipe for kids, the perfect breakfast item: the cheesy and gooey omelet pizza recipe, the tasty and healthy pizza paratha recipe, the scrumptious bread pizza recipe, the smoky chicken tikka pizza recipe and at last but not the least, the stuffed chicken pizza recipe. Unlike the traditional hand-tossed, stone baked or deep pan pizza, the Katori pizza is prepared in a traditional desi serving utensil known as the Katori. Katori is a small bowl usually made out of steel or plastic, looks very similar to a cup of a cupcake. Nevertheless, the ingredients used for the preparation of this cute, mini-pizza recipe are almost the same as other pizza recipes. You can download the complete vegetable Katori pizza recipe on, in Urdu and English for free.

Lemon Chicken Recipe

Lemon Chicken SooperChef going to be your best friend if you are one of the sooper foodies who are on the lookout for new and tasty Chinese recipes such as the flavorful and delicious lemon chicken recipe! You can take our word on it; this delicious recipe is worth a try! On the menu of Pakistan’s largest online food network,, you will be able to find numerous drool-worthy Chinese recipes such as the fiery Schezwan Chicken recipe , the crunchy and crumbly sweet and sour chicken with butter garlic sauce recipe, the spongy and squishy chicken chow mien recipe, the crimson-colored chicken Manchurian recipe, and at last but not the least the scrumptious Hakka noodles . The palatable lemon chicken is in point of fact a name of more than a few different variants of a Chinese recipe eaten around the sphere, prepared largely with lemon and chicken. The Canadian-Chinese style of cooking involves preparation of the lemon chicken recipe, usually with small chunks of chicken meat that are either sautéed or deep fried with a substantial covering of sweet and sour lemon-flavored sauce. Some bistros in China serve up a deviation of the lemon chicken recipe with chunks of chicken that are pre-battered before being rolled in almond silvers, prior to the process of deep-frying. After being deep fried, they are served with a lemon glaze sauce. You can log on to your favorite online food channel, and find the complete lemon chicken recipe in both Urdu and English languages.

Tamarind Chicken Wings Recipe

Tamarind chicken wings Hello there sooper foodies! Are you ready to make this blessed Friday a lot more tasty and scrumptious? Are your taste buds ready to be tingled by a new, sour and sweet recipe by your favorite online food network? Then behold, the tamarind chicken wings recipe is here to excite your taste buds with endless joy! On the panel of Pakistan’s largest online food network, sooperchef, you can find a wide range of tasty chicken recipes in both Urdu and English languages for free. Some of the most top rated recipes on the menu right now include the likes of the tangy and tasty chicken Manchurian recipe, the silky soft chicken Reshmi handi recipe, the crispy and brittle chicken fingers recipe, the fragrant and aromatic chicken tehari pulao recipe, the notorious chicken Kathi roll recipe and the last but not the least the perfect black pepper chicken recipe. Chicken is the most widely eaten type of poultry all over the world. The modern chicken is the descendant of the grey and red jungle fowl hybrids that were domesticated and raised thousands of years ago in the northern parts of the Indian subcontinent. Chicken wings are one of the most relished parts of the meat. There are many types of chicken wings recipe eaten all over the world, for instance, the Buffalo wings recipe is popular over America and Swiss wings are treated as a delicacy all over Europe. Asian territories are dominated by the fried chicken wing recipe category. You can download the tasty tamarind chicken wings recipe by logging on to

Rasmalai Recipe | Perfect & Soft Rasmalai

RasMalai It is a moment of celebration of all traditional dessert lovers as Pakistan’s largest online food network, yes your very own is presenting the creamy and flavorsome Ras Malai recipe to its beloved fans all over the globe! There are many other dessert recipes on the menu of like the delicious and creamy peda two ways recipe, the milky and hearty mango kulfi, rabri recipe, crispy and crumbly cake rusk recipe and the delectable quick fruit cake recipe. This milk-based dessert is a thick and traditional dessert that is admired not only in Pakistan but all over the Indian Subcontinent. The origin of this delicious dessert is believed to be Bengali and in the Bangladeshi territories, it is referred to as “Rossomalai”. According to the western definitions, ras malai recipe in urdu can be called a “rich cheesecake with no crust”. The dessert is made with condensed milk while fresh milk is also used along with eggs, baking powder, and sugar is used as a sweetener. Garnishing purposes are carried out with the help of green cardamom and dry fruits like pistachios, almonds, and walnuts which provide it a divine look. This delicious dessert recipe is best served chilled and usually, it is served with a plateful of thickened milk. Get yourself a perfect Ras Malai recipe in Urdu and English by following on the website you can download the complete recipe for iOS and Android, free of cost as well as acquire added assistance from our video for a step by step guide to perfection!

Peanuts Bar

If you are preparing for a journey or just a long day and want to pack something for you that is easy to carry, nutritious and equally tasty? Or just looking for a scrumptious and hearty snack , then you are welcome to enjoy the all-new peanuts bar recipe from your very own This traditional snack is made from nuts (primarily peanuts along with walnuts, almonds, and pistachios etc) and jaggery. It is eaten in many parts of the world especially in the Indian subcontinent countries like India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and some parts of Nepal. There are many other tasty dessert and snack recipes on sooperchef that you can make at your home, some of the top recipes on the menu right now are the delectable chicken yogurt roast recipe , the tasty and spicy vegetable biryani recipe , the mouth-watering lemon rice recipe , and the new and innovative potato bird nest with dry chicken recipe. Although it is known as peanut bar in many parts of the world like America, Europe, and Africa, the Indian subcontinent knows this tasty and crumbly dessert by the name of chickee. There are other varieties of nut and granola bars also available which are made with grams, puffed rice, coconut and beaten rice etc. during winter seasons, peanuts bars and dry fruits became a big part of the street snack cuisines of Pakistan and can be bought from any local vendor or street hawker but to ensure good health, you can log on to, download the complete recipe of the peanuts bar recipe and make them at your home all by yourself.

Swiss Roll Recipe

For the people who have a sweet tooth for new and tasty dessert recipes, and craving some scrumptious dessert right now, sooperchef is proud to present the all new Swiss roll recipe! There has been a variety of tasty and mouth watering dessert recipes on sooperchef, some of the honorable mentions are: the chocolaty jubilee mousse cake recipe, the delectable and vivid lemon soufflé recipe, the best choice for Nutella lovers Nutella brownie recipe and the delightfully tasty doughnut recipe. The Swiss roll also goes by the name of jelly roll, cake roll and cream roll; it is basically a type of sponge cake roll which is filled with ingredients like jam, whipped cream and different types of icings. The origins of the recipe are unclear to date, and despite the name “Swiss roll” the recipe is believed to have originated somewhere in central Europe, most likely in Austria. It is also said that the Swiss roll was first discovered back in the nineteenth century, along with the inventions of Battenberg, Victoria sponge recipe and doughnuts. The earliest versions of the swiss roll were known as the jelly cake and it was an English recipe. The earliest publication about the jelly cake was done back in the year of 1852, in Utica, New York, in a journal known as the Northern Farmer. You can find the complete Swiss roll recipe by logging on to where you can find it in Urdu and English languages for free. You can also watch the complete recipe on our two minute instant recipe video.

History of Valentines Day

The day of Saint Valentine’s, also known as the Valentine’s Day, is celebrated per annum on the 14th of February all over the planet. Basically a western Christian feast, this day has been globally recognized as the global day of love, affection, and romance, although it is not a public holiday in any of the countries it is celebrated in. The Catholic Church distinguishes at least three diverse saints with names like Valentine or Valentinus, all of whom were martyred on this very date. One legend has it that Valentine was a Catholic priest who served the church during the third century in Rome. When the Emperor of Rome, Claudius II realized that solitary men made superior militia in comparison to those with wives and families, forbid nuptials for youthful men. Saint Valentine, understanding the injustice of the decree, decided to defy Claudius and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. When Valentine’s actions were brought to light, Claudius ordered that he be put to death. This day honors him as a commemoration of his deeds.

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Sooperchef is adding another delectable category to its wide range of delicious recipes, the Valentine’s Day special recipes section, in this section you will be able to find some really famous and scrumptiously tasting valentine recipes the vegetable Katori pizza, the tasty lemon chicken recipe, the creamy and soft black forest cake recipe, the crunchy and crumbly tamarind chicken wings recipe, the easy and quick easy tiramisu cake recipe, the simple and delectable chicken fingers recipe, the mushy and milky ras malai recipe!