Top Seven Foods to Avoid in the Breakfast

Top Seven Foods to Avoid in the Breakfast

Top Seven Foods to Avoid in the Breakfast

Many of our organized folks who are habitual of going to bed early and enjoy a good 8 hours of sleep, should prioritize taking a healthy, high-calorie breakfast. That is because 8 hours is a period long enough to deprive the body of nourishment and thus a recharge is needed. That recharge would come in the form of a hale and hearty breakfast which is the most important meal of the day to provide the body with the essential calories and energy to function efficiently during the day. However, there is a long list of foods that are to be avoided in the morning as they do more harm than good.

In this article, Sooperchef have compiled a list of the top 7 food items that should be avoided at the breakfast table.


1 - Pancakes


Pancakes are served all around the world at breakfast tables and eaten with great joy. Becoming a breakfast staple for quite a time now, pancakes are considered a healthy, quick and easy delight in the rush hours of the morning. In reality, pancakes are anything but healthy as the mix of pancake consists of many unhealthy ingredients that include bleached flour, artificial sugar, and additives. Pancakes are also known to contain huge amounts of carbohydrates and fat that you won't make you stay full for very long. Furthermore, smearing pancakes in sweet syrups like maple, adds further calories to an existing massive amount, providing no actual nutrition.

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2 - Cereal Bars

ceral bars

In the rush hours of mornings, either breakfast is dealt as a swift affair or ignored altogether. So the next time you are rushing to work and tempted by a cereal bar, say absolutely no to it, until or unless you have prepared it all by yourself. Commercially prepped cereal bars are basically a load of sugar and carbohydrates which are responsible for excessive weight gain and bloating. Definitely, a no-go zone for folks who are trying to cut weight and stay fit.

3 - Cereals


Cereals are loved by people of all ages and are considered not only healthy but a quick and no-fuss breakfast item which everyone can prepare in a matter of minutes. Surely breakfast cereals are crunchy and tasty but not too much to look at when it comes to nutritional values. Many breakfast cereals are genetically modified and have a lot of added sugar and gluten which can be highly addictive and leads complications like hunger cravings and mood swings. A good alternative for breakfast cereals is nuts and seeds, which are far more nutritious and easy to digest than artificially prepared breakfast cereals.

4 - Margarine


For many people, rushing to their office in the morning, a toast and margarine is the breakfast of your choice or either consequence. But bearing the unhealthy effects of margarine in mind, it should be swapped with natural butter right now. Margarine contains dangerous levels of saturated Trans fats, which upon consumption might lead to serious complications like increased blood pressure and high levels of bad cholesterol.

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5 - Fruit Yogurt

fruite yugurt

Natural yogurt is a very healthy breakfast item as it contains a healthy dose of prebiotics and animal protein. Although, the same can

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