Tikka Pulao Recipe

Tikka Pulao Recipe

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Tikka pulao Greetings, salutations, and blessings of Ramadan from the largest online cooking and food network of Pakistan: sooperchef, which is adding the delicious tikka pulao recipe to its wide range of aromatic and delicious pulao recipes that you can access for free. Over the course of the last two years, there have been numerous delicious recipes on the panel of that you can prepare at your home for your loved ones. Here are some of the most top rated honorable mentions on the menu of sooperchef at the moment, the tasty and innovative Bohri kabab recipe, the traditional breakfast of the Indian subcontinent: the aloo paratha with achar recipe, the steamy, aromatic and nutty Afghani pulao recipe, the saucy chicken teriyaki wings recipe and the Ramadan delight: the aloo samosa recipe. The pulao recipe is a rice-based dish in which the rice is prepared in a seasoned broth. Also goes by the name of pilaf and pilaf, this aromatic rice-based recipe is said to have originated from ancient India around four thousand years ago when the first rice and meat amalgamations were prepared. The original recipe of the pulao is believed to be buffalo meat that was prepared with brown rice. From India it spread to many parts of the world including Eastern Europe, South Caucasian, middle east, the Arabian peninsula, Nepal, Tanzania, Kenya, Kurdistan, and Armenia etc. depending on the local cuisine, there are many different ingredients that can be added to the recipe including different meat varieties like mutton, beef, veal, chicken, lamb, fish, prawns and even pasta. In some cases like the Kabuli pulao: dried fruits and saffron are used as a garnish. In vegan variations like the matar pulao and in some other cases, vegetables are added instead of fruit. You can download the complete tikka pulao recipe from for free.

How to make Mugalai Tikka Pulao

515 gms K&N's Mughlai Tikka
500 gm Rice
1 tbsp Ginger garlic paste
Salt to taste
1 onion, medium
½ cup yogurt
1 tsp red chili crushed
1 tbsp coriander crushed
1 tbsp cumin seeds crushed
Mix whole spices as required (5g)
¾ tsp yellow color
3 tbsp butter
3 tbsp ghee
2 – 3 green chilies
1 cup Milk
1 cup Water
25 gm soaked almond
25 gm soaked pistachio
25 gm Raisin

Direction for Mughlai Tikka Pulao
Prepare K&N’s Mughlai Tikka as per the instructions on the pack and set aside.
Heat ghee and butter in a pan, add in chopped onion and ginger garlic paste. Fry well for 1 – 2 minutes.
Then add mix whole spice, Fry well till it gets golden brown in colour.
Now add green chilies, yogurt, crushed red pepper, crushed coriander and crushed cumin seeds. Fry well for 1 – 2 minutes.
Add soaked rice, salt to taste and a little water. cook till rice start coming on the top.
Then add milk, almond, pistachios, raisins and Mix well.
Add K&N’s Mughlai Tikka and simmer on low flame for 8 – 10 minutes.
Dish out and serve hot

اجزاء مغلائی تکہ پلاؤ K&N's Mughlai Tikka 515گرام چاول 500 گرام ادرک لہسن پیسٹ 1 کھانے کا چمچ نمک حسبِ ذائقہ پیاز 1 عدد دہی آدھا کپ لال مرچ کُٹی ہوئی 1چائے کا چمچ دھنیا کُٹا ہوا 1کھانے کا چمچ زیرہ 1کھانے کا چمچ ثابت گرم مصالحہ 5گرام پیلا رنگ تین چوتھائی چائے کا چمچ مکھن 3 کھانے کے چمچ گھی 3 کھانے کے چمچ ہری مرچ 2 150 3عدد دودھ 1کپ بادام(بھیگے ہوئے) 25 گرام پستہ 25 گرام کشمش 25 گرام

مغلائی تکہ پلاؤ بنانے کی ترکیب
مغلائی تکہ پیکٹ پر دی گئی ہدایات کے مطابق تیار کر لیں۔
ایک پین میں گھی اور تیل ڈال کر گرم کر لیں اب اس میں پیاز، ادرک لہسن پیسٹ ڈال کر ایک سے دو منٹ فرائی کر لیں۔
اب اس میں گرم مصالحہ ڈال کرگولڈن ہونے تک فرائی کر لیں۔
اب اس میں ہری مرچ، دہی، لال مرچ کُٹی ہوئی، کُٹا دھنیا،زیرہ، ڈال کر ایک سے دو منٹ پکا لیں۔
اب اس میں بھیگے ہوئے چاول ڈال دیں اور پانی ڈال دیں۔
تھوڑی دیر پکانے کے بعد اس میں دودھ ، پستہ، بادام ڈال کر ملا لیں۔
اب اس کو ڈھک دیں اور آٹھ سے دس منٹ تک دم دیں۔
آپکے مزے دار مغلائی تکہ پلاؤ تیار ہے

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