Things You Are Probably Washing Too Much

Things You Are Probably Washing Too Much

Things You Are Probably Washing Too Much

No doubt, we are obsessed with cleaning various household items, but should we be cleaning things too much? Or, do we really need to wash everything in the washing machine after wearing just for one time? What about furniture, car, or even our hands?

BetterRead has gathered a list of household items that you need not wash too much. Here is the list:

The mirror

We all want to look perfect when we see ourselves in the mirror. However, if you are spending half of the hour with the cleaning solution for minor one or two fingerprints mark over it, you are really overdoing the cleaning. Moisture from humidity due to over-spraying can get behind your mirror and harm the back case of it. So, you need to clean your mirror only where there are marks or any sort of spots present.

Kitchen towels

You need to only wash such kitchen towels that are experiencing the most usage around your kitchen. Before tossing your towel in the washing machine, you must watch its condition. If there is any stain or unpleasant odor present in it, then you need to wash it. Otherwise, just leave them for a couple of days for the use. This way, you are going to cut down the washing and save your time as well.


When something is spilled on the carpet, most of us try to saturate the carpet with a cleaning solution, hoping to get it cleaned. But using too much cleaning too often is going to damage the carpet and that is next to impossible to wash and remove. This soapy residue will lead to attracting more dirt and all of your efforts will go in vain. Instead, you must use less active products such as water, soap, and vinegar. All you need to do in the end is to dry up the carpet and rugs properly after washing them.

Wood furniture

Can you clean and care for your wooden furniture in an excessive manner? Yes. Spraying your furniture with a wax-based solution is going to lead up to attract more dirt and dust. A thin coating of polish is going to do the trick. You just need to apply it for one to two times in a month. Still, you need to wipe away your furniture with a proper cloth between the polishes.


Jeans must be washed as less as possible and preferably when they are washed, you need to take them for a dry clean. It is going to ensure a long life span of them and you won

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