Things That Happen to Your Body When You Fast

Things That Happen to Your Body When You Fast

Things That Happen to Your Body When You Fast

As the holy month of Ramadan is just about to arrive, fasting would be definitely gaining a huge popularity and a regular act to be conducted by Muslims worldwide during this month, but what are the benefits related to your body when you fast?

BetterRead went ahead and researched about the facts to found out the functioning of the human body as we fast. We are certain that our beloved readers are awesome, so we gather such amazing tips and tricks that make your lifestyle go ahead with healthy changes to adapt. As you are going to fast due to a religious necessity ahead in the month of Ramadan, here is what would be happening to your body when you fast.

Sugar breakdown

The first hours of keeping a fast are quite normal and in a routine manner for most of us since our human bodies is passing through the regular process of glycogen break down and storage of glucose to boost our energy levels. Normally, almost 25 percent of that break down of glycogen and glucose storage goes right to your brain while the rest supports muscles and red blood cells. Here are some of the Harmful Fortunes of Sugar That We Didn

Recipe Tips

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