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Zinger Burger

Enjoy the Delicious Zinger Burger Recipe By Sooperchef.pk Are you a fan of fast foods and craving something crunchy that would fill you up then say hello to the Zinger Burger recipe by the largest online food network of Pakistan Sooperchef! There is a wide variety of foods eaten in Pakistan that is why Sooper Chef includes Chinese, continental, Indian, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Arabian and American cuisines. American and European fast foods have gained notoriety in the past few years and have become a popular choice of Pakistani youngsters. There is a wide range of fast food recipes on the menu of sooperchef including the delectable veg Katori pizza, the tasty chicken vegetable spring rolls recipe, the crispy and crumbly fried chicken legs recipe, the flaky chicken tender recipe and at last but not the least the protein filled fish finger recipe. The recipe of zinger burger has taken Pakistani kitchens by storm since KFC made it famous when it started its food chain back in 1997. The burger is basically a sandwich with buns with lettuce, sauce, mayo and a crispy, deep-fried chicken patty in between. The chicken patty is prepared by chicken meat that is stripped off the bone and then covered in a batter which provides it with its signature crispy texture. Although it is mostly eaten with ketchup, cheese can also be added to the zinger burger along with onions and any kind of sauce like bbq sauce, mustard and Kentucky sauce. You can download the entire zinger burger recipe in Urdu and English along with the complete preparation sooperchef.pk

Achari Handi Recipe

Achari Handi If you are one of the sooper foodies who is sick and tired of all the tasteless continental and American foods that have no spice, and your taste buds are craving for something tangy and desi then the achari handi recipe by sooperchef.pk is the right choice for you. Pakistan is a place of vibrant culture and diverse lifestyles. With such divine culture, come different cooking approaches, everyone having a unique quality of its own. One such preparation method includes a primitive cooking utensil known as the Handi. Handi is the desi correspondent of the American bean pot, a hefty, wide mouthed vessel conventionally made out of clay or copper. Abundant Pakistani dishes are cooked in such handies, and there are some of the honorable mentions that you can find on the menu of sooperchef.pk, for instance the royal and elegant chicken shahi handi recipe, the smoke and tasty chicken barbeque handi recipe and the creamy and velvety white handi recipe. The achari handi recipe gets its name from the word achar of the Urdu language which means “pickle”. Because of the involvement of pickles in the preparation and garnishing of the handi with pickled vegetables and fruits, it is named as the chicken achari handi recipe. Also during the process of seasoning, a special kind of masala known as the achar masala is added to the mix for the strong, spicy and tangy flavor of the dish. You can learn to prepare the delectable achari handi recipe by logging on to sooperchef.pk.