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Spicy Tawa Fish

Spicy Tawa Fish Recipe in Urdu & English In winters, seafood becomes the best choice for food lovers and spicy tawa fish recipe is one the best Pakistani fish recipes you can get your hands on. There are many other seafood recipes on the sooperchef.pk menu like grilled prawns, pomfret fish fry, fish potato kabab, batter fried fish with French fries, fish salan, Dhaka fried fish, pan fried fish with lemon sauce, fish vegetable and noodle soup, fish finger, spicy fried fish and Lahori fried fish. Fish is one of the most loved foods of Pakistan, especially in the Sindh region. During winter seasons, many eateries are seen flooded with foodies who are attracted by the aroma of the crispy fish. There are many types of fish that are native to the waters of Pakistan like trout, rohu, grass carp, many species of catfish, mahseer, thela, and channa. Other than these, salt water fish like cod, pangasius, pomfret, and prawns are also eaten all over Pakistan. In the Sindh province of Pakistan, a special type of biryani known as the Sindhi biryani is made with prawns, shrimp or fish meat. Fish is eaten all over the world with great delight and is a significant part of cuisine in numerous countries of the world. Every country has a different style of preparing and serving its fish recipes like in England it is served fried with French fries and sauces, in Japan, it is served as fish tempura and Chinese serve it as sushi. You can download the complete recipe of spicy tawa fish along with the entire preparation method from sooperchef.pk in Urdu and English language.