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Tikka Biryani Recipe

Charcoal Smoked Tikka Biryani RecipeAre you a fan of innovation and new recipes or just the traditional recipes with a new twist then the charcoal smoked tikka biryani recipe by the largest and number one ranking food network of Pakistan: sooperchef.pk is the right place for you to be! Since sooperchef started cooking back in the year of 2016, there have been numerous additions of tasty recipes to its panel that can be accessed for free. Here are some of the most honorable mentions that are making rounds on the panel right now, the soft and mushy Bohri kabab recipe, the traditional breakfast and perfect sehri food: the aloo ka paratha with achar recipe, the saucy and spicy teriyaki chicken wings recipe for all the spicy Chinese lovers, the traditional and famous aloo samosa recipe and the tasty and healthy matar pulao recipe. The charcoal smoked tikka biryani is the best new recipe to try for all the biryani lovers that want a little twist to their Biryanis. It is prepared through a cooking process called smoking which can be used for flavoring, browning or cooking food by exposing it to a smoke. The smoke source can be anything from burning wood to smoldering charcoal. Some North American food producers also smoke their food over burning corncobs for a very distinct flavor. Some of the most smoked ingredients all over the world include meat and fish etc. in the ancient days, smoking was also used to preserve food by killing the bacteria inside. There are many traditional smoking wood varieties from the European and American style of smoking that include Adler, maple, plum, cherry, pecan, mesquite, hickory and oak. There are four types of smoking processes that include liquid smoke, hot smoking, warm smoking and cold smoking. Download the complete charcoal smoked tikka biryani recipe from sooperchef.pk.