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Fried Wonton Recipe | How to make chicken wonton

Fried Wonton Hello there folks! Are you tired of all the same samosa and pakora recipes and looking for a new deep-fried delicacy? Then the fried wonton recipe by sooperchef.pk is something you can’t overlook! Wontons, sometimes also known as wantuns or wuntun is a dumpling that can be made in a variety of ways, but the main preparation method and general ingredients are mostly the same. They are an essential part of Chinese cuisine and found in many different Chinese recipes. There are many other tasty and delicious snack recipes on the sooperchef menu that you can prepare at home, for example, the tasty and healthy falafel recipe , the beloved crispy chicken burger , the scrumptious, crispy and crumbly gol gappy recipe , and the notorious bun kabab recipe . The preparation process of a wonton recipe involves the spreading of a square wrapper like skin, which plays the role of the outer most layer of the wanton. This covering is made of dough of flour, eggs, salt, and water. The covering is then placed flat on the palm of one’s hand a small amount of filling is placed in between. After that, the desired shape can be given to the wanton. The fried wonton recipe can also be referred to as the Chinese counterpart of the Pakistani samosa because of the texture and similar preparation method. The filling can be composed of a number of things from vegetables to meat and cheese etc. you can download the complete fried wanton recipe from sooperchef.pk in Urdu and English language for free.