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Chicken Reshmi Kabab

Chicken Reshmi Kabab Recipe This recipe is for the all foodies out there who are sick and tired of eating the same old kabab recipes all over again. The Chicken Reshmi Kabab recipe is here and it is going to enlighten your taste buds with a whole new level of scrumptiousness. Sooperchef.pk features numerous other bbq recipes on its panel and some of the most honorable mentions include the delectable and all rounding seekh kabab paratha roll , the round shaped gola kabab recipe , the ultimate amalgamations of bbq and biryani: the kabab biryani recipe , the chicken bbq biryani recipe , and amazing chicken (Murgh) tikka pulao recipe and the kofta biryani recipe , the flavorsome chicken chapli kabab recipe , and at last but not the least the fiery and spicy meatballs in bbq sauce . Kabab is a meat recipe that is eaten all over the world including Asia, Europe, America, the Arabian Peninsula, Afghanistan and Russia. But the point of its origin is stated to be Middle Eastern. For the preparation of a kabab, the meat can be either minced or diced which is then grilled or skewed over a heat source, traditionally coals. Other than that, other heat sources like a naked flame, firewood an earthen oven known as the tandoor can be used too. In Pakistan, most of the kababs are prepared in a cooking utensil known as the angeethi. The complete recipe and preparation method of Reshmi Kabab recipe can be found on sooperchef.pk, free of cost in both Urdu and English languages. Download, enjoy and share!