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Chicken Acahri Pulao Recipe

Chicken Achari Pulao Recipe Pulao or Palao is a dish that is basically made out of rice and is cooked in a broth mix. Most of the time, pulao rice recipes tend to have a golden brown color due to the broth mix as the spices mix is firstly being prepared or sautéed with the cooking oil and the addition of broth. Then the add on of fried onions, and other veggies or meat with a mix of basic spices are added with wet rice to give a final touch of cooking pulao. This one unique Chicken Achari Pulao recipe brought to you by SooperChef is so much tasty and mouthwatering to be served during the lunch or dinner time. It makes a perfect combo when served with raita and salad. Achari Pulao is a desi dish that is admired and eaten all across the nation but its recipe and cooking method varies from one region to another. It is basically a mix of Chicken cut pieces and rice and basic spices that you can easily found at your nearby utility store and it is eaten mostly during lunch or dinner meal. This one delicious recipe is a great source of energy and carries a great amount of fats as well. The best thing to compliment this mouthwatering chicken achari pulao recipe is to serve it with raita or yogurt. The recipe can easily be cooked within thirty minutes of your time and you can serve it to all of your family members, depending upon the quantity of ingredients that you add. Pulao and biryani are separated due to their different cooking style, but for most of the housewives, pulao is the one easy to made recipe that is easy to cook and manage. Do give a try to this awesome Chicken Achari Pulao recipe brought to you by SooperChef. Watch the 1-minute instant cooking video and get to know the complete procedure along with ingredients and method to cook the most delicious rice recipes within the comfort of your home.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe

Strawberry smoothie recipe in Urdu & English With the summer in its full swing, temperatures are soaring sky high and there is nothing to beat the heat like a tasty and cool strawberry smoothie recipe from the number one and largest online food and cooking network of Pakistan, yes your very own sooperchef.pk. this smoothie recipe will not only help you beat the heat but will also prove to be of great assistance in Ramadan of 2018 as it will help you regain all the lost energy and nutrients from the body, that is lost through the whole hectic day of fasting. Furthermore, if you are looking for a post-workout drink that will help you replenish, then you know you have hit the jackpot. There are many delicious recipes on the menu of sooperchef.pk that can be accessed to with only a tap on the screen of your smartphone devices. Some of the most delectable and mention-worthy recipes include the tasty and healthy naan recipe without oven, the hearty homemade pita bread and pita pockets recipe, the delicious and crunchy Arabian rice recipe, the creamy and cool Badami and strawberry kulfi recipe and the last but not the least the saucy Arabiata pasta recipe for all the spice lovers. A smoothie is a thick, cold and tasty beverage that is prepared by blending fruits and vegetables. Other ingredients like dairy products including milk, yogurt, and cheese along with herbal supplements or nutritional supplements like whey powder and plant milk are also some of the most widely used additions to a glass of smoothie. Sweeteners like sugar, honey, stevia syrup, crushed ice, and water can also be added. A smoothie containing a dairy product is often very similar to a vegetable milkshake although the latter one typically contains less fruit and vegetables and more often loaded with ice cream or frozen yogurt. Find the complete strawberry smoothie recipe on sooperchef.pk for free.