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Penne Pasta

Penne Pasta Recipe in Urdu & English For all the Pasta lovers out there, brace yourselves as this delectable Penne Pasta recipe from sooperchef.pk is going to be your new favourite! There are many other appetizing and delicious recipes on the sooperchef menu that you need to check out which includes chicken schnitzel, chicken loaf, falafel, chicken tikka pizza , Singaporean rice and chicken bbq nachos. Penne is the type of pasta in which the pasta pieces are made in a cylindrical shape, very much like the nib of a pen. The word penne is the plural form of penna which is derived from the Latin word feather, or quill. Penne is a cognate of the English language word pen. In Italy, penne pasta is produced into two main categories “penne lisce” which is the smoother version and the “penne regrate” which is the furrowed category of the pasta. In the United States of America, the same type of pasta is known as the mostciolly. Penne pasta has many variants and is eaten all over the world. In our version of the penne pasta, it is prepared in olive oil, garlic paste, chicken meat, chili sauce and cream. Other essentials such as the green capsicum, red capsicum, oregano, parsley, sweet corn, salt, parmesan cheese and black olives are also added. You can download the complete recipe of penne pasta  and the entire preparation method in Urdu and English language on sooperchef.pk. you can also learn to cook with the help of our two minute, instant, 4k video guide that will help you learn cooking in a fun and easy way.