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White Handi Recipe

White Handi Recipe by sooperchef is a trendy dish from the Pakistani barbecue cuisine and there is no menu of a restaurant which is complete without it. White Handi Recipe is a soft dish whose name reflects the personality of the elements used for its marinating. from time to time it is also known as chicken white shahi handi recipe . “Malai” which denotes cream is a chief constituent for its groundwork and offers the dish with a silky texture. The recipe is prepared in an antique, customary open mouthed cooking gadget known as the handi. This handi which looks very analogous to an American bean-pot is typically made out of clay and there are many customary cooking recipes that are arranged in it. On the sooperchef set of choices, you can find many tasty chicken recipes like chicken schnitzel, and the tasty chicken loaf, then yogurt chicken roast, the delicious chicken lasagna , not last chicken cutlets and chicken pakora but the white handi is debatably the most creamy and delicious of them all. White handi boti can be made by using beef and or lamb, mutton meat, but chicken is the most easily accessible and fluently prepared so it is chosen most of the time. This creamy recipe is regularly prepared in Pakistani homes as well as restaurants and social meetings etc as the main course meal. The creamy recipe can be eaten with roti, naan and also with paratha or puri. It is often served hot at fiestas like bbq parties and henna functions and wedding ceremonies. Chicken White Handi Recipe in Urdu can be found at sooperchef.pk where you can also gain access to the complete preparation technique and detailed explanation of this smooth recipe and much more.

Shahi Tukray Recipe

Shahi Tukra Recipe By SooperChef How is it going sooper foodies? Are you one of the desi folks who has a major sweet tooth for traditional Pakistani dessert recipes and creamy conventional desserts make you drool over your plate? Then you need to get your hands on the latest dessert introduced by Pakistan’s largest online food portal, sooperchef! So without further ado, say hello to the delicious and velvety shahi tukra recipe! There are many other traditional and western dessert recipes on the panel of sooperchef.pk, which you can review and download free of cost, some of the honorable mentions include the delectable peda two ways recipe, the milky and creamy rabri recipe, the crumbly and crunchy cake rusk recipe and the healthy and chewy peanuts bar recipe. The shahi tukra is a bread pudding dessert recipe made with fried bread slices which are soaked in hot milk and spices like cardamom, sugar, and saffron. This delicacy is a Hyderabadi cuisine eaten all over the Indian subcontinent, popularly in areas with Muslim populations and is served at different blissful occasions like Eid ul fitr, weddings, parties and social gatherings. In India it is referred to as “the double ka meetha” but in Pakistan, it is simply known as the shahi tukra. On festive occasions like Eid and the Holy month of Ramadan, this creamy dessert is prepared and eaten with great delight. After the cooking process, it is garnished with khoya, nuts and dried fruits etc. You can download the complete shahi tukra recipe from sooperchef.pk in Urdu and English language for free.

Chicken Kofta Curry Recipe

Chicken Kofta Curry recipe in Urdu & English Chicken Kofta Curry recipe one of the beloved foodies of Pakistan and it is something that nobody can resist. Chicken kofta recipe is a Pakistani recipe which is prepared by rolling minced chicken meat into small balls and then cooked in a curry. There are many other tasty and aromatic kofta recipes on the sooperchef menu like chicken cheese kofta curry, kofta biryani, fire chicken, spicy meatballs in bbq sauce, gola kabab, kabab biryani, palak kofta recipe, nihari recipe, achar gosht, chicken malai boti, cheese stuffed chicken kabab, Sindhi biryani, and seekh kabab paratha roll. Kofta is the desi counterpart of the western meatball but it is way tastier and full of flavor. It is a part of the meatloaf family and is very popular not only in Pakistan but also all over South Asia, middle east, Balkan and Central Asia. Mostly prepared by mutton or beef, koftas can also be prepared with veal, lamb, chicken, shrimps, prawns, and fish. In some places like Calcutta India, kofta is made with paneer. Kofta is prepared in a curry and served hot with roti, naan or boiled rice. In some cases, it is served in pulao, mashed potatoes, and French fries. In Lebanon, kofta is called kafta and is prepared with ground beef, parsley, black pepper, and salt. Another variant which is known as the nargisi kofta recipe which is prepared with hard boiled eggs, coated in minced meat. If you want to learn the art of preparing this delectable chicken kofta recipe then you should follow sooperchef.pk where you can find the complete recipe of kofta curry and preparation method in the Urdu and English recipe.

Beef Pasanday

If you are beef lover, and on the lookout for some tasty and notorious beef recipe than consider yourself in luck, as SooperChef is bringing the delectable beef Pasanday recipe to your kitchens via a touch on the screen of your smartphones. The beef pasanda recipe, also known as the beef parcha is a popular meat dish from south Asian part of the subcontinent, notably in locations like south India, Hyderabadi territories and Pakistan, a recipe derived from the royal court of the Mughal emperors. There are many other delectable and protein filled beef recipes that you can find on the menu of the largest digital food network of Pakistan, sooperchef.pk. some of the most honorable mentions on the panel right now, that are worthy of a look include the juicy and tempting beef steak with lemon and honey sauce recipe, the spicy beef biryani masala recipe, the desirable beef chili dry recipe, the palatable beef stroganoff recipe, the creamy beef haleem recipe and at last but not the least, the delectable beef Nihari recipe. The word “Pasanday” is a variation of an Urdu term, literally translating to favourite, owing to the prime cut of meat, traditionally used to prepare the recipe. It was originally prepared with lamb leg, the meat cut and flattened into strips, however the contemporary variant is prepared with pot roasted beef that is cut into strips, while chicken and king prawns can also be used for the preparation, with the main preparation method staying almost the same. You can find the complete beef Pasanday recipe in Urdu and English at sooperchef.

Namkeen Karahi Recipe

The largest online digital food network of Pakistan, sooperchef.pk is the right place for all kinds of karahi lovers as its team of competent chefs is bringing in the delectable namkeen karahi recipe for all of its fans and foodies all over the globe. This salty and mildly spiced karahi is the perfect recipe for all the folks who are not too delighted to see spicy and fiery food. there have been some really great karahi recipes on the menu of sooperchef, over the course of the last year, and some of the most noteworthy mentions that are at least worthy of one try at your own kitchen include the spicy and fiery Lahori karahi recipe, the misty qeema karahi recipe, the artistically salted mutton kali Mirch karahi recipe, and at last but not the least: the ground-breaking chicken bbq karahi recipe. The namkeen karahi is also referred to as the Peshawari namkeen karahi recipe and sometimes confused with the Afghani namkeen karahi recipe, and as the name suggests, it is a Peshawari delicacy from the mountainous province of KPK Pakistan. The distinctive feature of this karahi is that it is prepared in the meat’s own fat and no cooking oil is used, while it is very simply seasoned and prepared with plain spices and ingredients like salt, pepper, yogurt, and coriander etc. you can log on to our website, sooperchef.pk and find the complete namkeen karahi recipe in both Urdu and English languages for free, along with a two minute instant video guide for step by step assistance.

Achari Handi Recipe

Achari Handi If you are one of the sooper foodies who is sick and tired of all the tasteless continental and American foods that have no spice, and your taste buds are craving for something tangy and desi then the achari handi recipe by sooperchef.pk is the right choice for you. Pakistan is a place of vibrant culture and diverse lifestyles. With such divine culture, come different cooking approaches, everyone having a unique quality of its own. One such preparation method includes a primitive cooking utensil known as the Handi. Handi is the desi correspondent of the American bean pot, a hefty, wide mouthed vessel conventionally made out of clay or copper. Abundant Pakistani dishes are cooked in such handies, and there are some of the honorable mentions that you can find on the menu of sooperchef.pk, for instance the royal and elegant chicken shahi handi recipe, the smoke and tasty chicken barbeque handi recipe and the creamy and velvety white handi recipe. The achari handi recipe gets its name from the word achar of the Urdu language which means “pickle”. Because of the involvement of pickles in the preparation and garnishing of the handi with pickled vegetables and fruits, it is named as the chicken achari handi recipe. Also during the process of seasoning, a special kind of masala known as the achar masala is added to the mix for the strong, spicy and tangy flavor of the dish. You can learn to prepare the delectable achari handi recipe by logging on to sooperchef.pk.