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Navratan Pulao Recipe

Hello and welcome to the largest online food network of Pakistan, sooperchef.pk. Whose team of chefs is presenting the Navratan pulao recipe for all of its fans! There have been some really tasty and easy to prepare rice recipes on the panel of sooperchef that you can find on our website for free. Some of the most honorable mentions that are worthy of a check include the traditional and delectable Sindhi biryani recipe , the delightfully aromatic chicken tehari pulao recipe , the soupy and flavorful chicken (murgh) Yakhni pulao recipe , the spicy and delectable keema biryani recipe , the delightfully saccharine gur waly chawal recipe , the saucy and tangy mutton biryani, lemon rice recipe and at last but not the least, the palatable and flavorsome mutton pulao recipe . Navratan pulao is a rice-based recipe from the Indian style of cooking and belongs to the Hindi recipes section. The word Navratan comes from the Sanskrit language and it literally translates to “nav” nine and “rattan” gems, owing to the purposeful amount of different vegetables and ingredients for the preparation. It is said that the first Navratan pulao’s ingredients were a total of nine in number, hence the name. In the modern days, this delectable pulao is prepared by an assortment of vegetables like diced carrots, cubed potatoes, green beans, and cauliflower etc while after preparation it is dressed and garnished with nuts like cashews and almonds. You can find the step by step preparation method of the Navratan pulao recipe in Urdu and English for free by logging on to sooperchef.pk.