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Namkeen Gosht

Namkeen Gosht Recipe in Urdu & English Sooperchef is happy to add another delectable meat recipe to its long list of great recipes and this one is known as the tasty namkeen gosht recipe. Is it prepared with cooking meat in butter, ghee and garlic paste. There are many other delectable meat recipes on the sooperchef.pk menu including the tasty and aromatic mutton moti Pulao recipe, the delectable mutton champ roast, Mutton Nihari Recipe and the tasty smoked mutton kaleji.Namkeen gosht can be referred to a number of meat dishes that are prevalent in the country. According to one theory, this type of cooking originated from the rocky province of Baluchistan. This type of Baluchi recipes are mostly mildly spiced and good source of animal protein and good fats. Traditionally, the namkeen gosht recipe are prepared in such a way that the meat is cooked in its own fat. The name “Namkeen Gosht” is from the Urdu language which literally translates to “salty meat”. Namkeen Gosht is usually prepared with mutton meat but it can be made with lamb, veal, and beef. It can also be cooked in a vessel or cooking pot but it can also be made inside a Karahi which is the Pakistani doppelganger of the Japanese wok as they look very similar and have the same function of shallow frying meat and vegetables in it. if you want to learn the art of preparing the namkeen gosht recipe then log on to sooperchef.pk and download the complete recipe and preparation method in Urdu and English for free.