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Mutton Gushtaba Recipe

Mutton Gushtaba recipe Have you ever heard about Kashmiri cuisines and the taste they offer? If not then you are missing out big time! Kashmiri cuisine offers some of the tastiest cuisines of all time. Most of the recipes from this cuisine are based on meat (mutton, lamb and chicken meat are the most popular kinds of meat used in the cooking) but there are some pretty good tasting vegetarian dishes too. Pakistan’s largest online cooking platform, sooperchef is about to bring an utterly amazing Kashmiri recipe to your kitchens via your smartphones and other smart devices, it is called the mutton gushtaba recipe. other great mutton recipes that are worthy of a look include the delectable mutton moti pulao recipe, another Kashmiri delicacy, the mutton do pyaza recipe, the peppery mutton kali Mirch karahi and at last but not the least the hearty and smoky mutton champ roast recipe. As the name suggests, the mutton gushtaba is prepared with the meat of a lamb or goat. One of the most distinguishing features of this delectable recipe is that the meat being used for a purpose is not ground or chopped with the help of a blender, chopper o meat cleaver, rather it is used as is traditionally beaten on a rock until it is supple enough to be shaped into a big meatball, much larger than a normal day kofta. The inside of the gushtaba is soft and velvety because of this particular style of cooking. The word gushtaba is a loose translation of “full stop” and traditionally it is served at the end of the meal, right before the dessert. Download the complete mutton gushtaba recipe from sooperchef.pk in Urdu and English for free.