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Chicken (Murgh) White Qorma

Sooperchef.pk is adding another delicious and fragrant recipe to its extensive list of traditional Pakistani recipes and it is known as the chicken (Murgh) white qorma recipe. This delicious and velvety recipe is one of the most eaten recipes all over the nation of Pakistan at propitious occasions and like weddings, social gatherings and celebrations like Eid-ul-Adha etc. there are many other delectable Pakistani recipes on sooperchef like the delicious mutton qorma, the flavorsome mutton stew, the chewy and mushy chicken honey drumsticks and the creamy lab e Sheerin recipe. Qorma is one of the most prehistoric and seasoned recipes that originate from the cuisine of the Indian subcontinent. The major component for the preparation of the qorma is meat, braised with cream, yogurt or stock with an adding up of spices and herbs which result in the creation of a solid glaze sauce. The word “qorma” is derived from the Urdu language and it is paraphrase referrers to the procedure of braising which is in a sequence derived from the Turkish expression "kavurma" which factually means cooked meat. This pleasant meat recipe is said to have its ancestry in the regal kitchens of the Mughal Empire and the original qorma recipe was said to be prepared back in the 16th century. Qorma is consumed in many parts of the planet and there are thousands of alternatives to diverse cooking methods and preparation procedures. You can download the entire recipe for the creamy Murgh white qorma recipe along with the preparation method on sooperchef.pk in Urdu and English language for free.