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Chicken Manchurian with vegetable fried rice

Chicken Manchurian with fried rice Chicken Manchurian with vegetable fried rice is one of the most loved recipes of Pakistan and is loved by food lovers of all age. This Indo-Chinese recipe was first prepared by Chinese community living in Calcutta, India. From there onwards, this delectable and tangy recipe has taken all over the Asian sub continent by storm. It has gained much popularity in many other parts of the world including Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, silence, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and some parts of North America. There are many other delectable Chinese recipes on the sooperchef menu like chili chicken , stir fried beef , chicken schnitzel and chicken loaf. Most of the time the chicken Manchurian is served as it is but when it is served with fried rice then the taste gets a thousand times better. The fried rice made for this purpose are mostly stir fried in a cooking utensil made out of cast iron, known as the Karahi . In Japan a similar cooking utensil if the same shape and outlook is used and it is known as the wok. There are thousands of variants of the fried rice themselves like the vegetable fried rice which is prepared with an assortment of vegetables like capsicum, chilies, tomatoes and potatoes. The chicken fried rice and egg fried rice recipes are also served with chicken Manchurian . If you want to learn the art of preparing the delectable chicken Manchurian with the fried rice recipe than log on to SooperChef where you can find the complete preparation method in Urdu and English language for free.