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Kashmiri Tea Recipe

Are you a fan of Kashmiri chai? Then brace yourself, as Pakistan’s largest online food network, sooperchef is bringing in the delectable and scrumptious Kashmiri tea recipe for all of its beloved sooper foodies all over the globe! This fuzzy beverage goes by many names, including noon chai, sheer chai, pink tea and gulabi chai, but most notably it is known as Kashmiri chai and is one of the most beloved beverages of Pakistani foodies. There are many other traditional recipes on the menu of the number one digital food network of the country, and some of the most top-notch recipes that you can find on our menu include the delicious Shami Kabab recipe, the flavorsome Navratan pulao recipe, the aromatic and delectable kastoori boti recipe, the tasty Sindhi biryani recipe and at last but not the least, the salty and tasty namkeen karahi recipe. The original name of the Kashmiri tea is “noon” tea, the word noon literally translating to salt, owing to the ingredients used in the preparation, which are generally salt, baking soda, and milk. The word noon is taken from the Indo-Aryan languages like Bengali, Kashmiri, Rajhastani, and Nepali. The traditional version of the Kashmiri chai is prepared with special tea leaves, sugar, salt and milk and cooked in a special kind of cooking utensil known as the samovar. In the Kashmiri culture, this delectable beverage is served two or three times a day with traditional Kashmiri sweets like sheermal, lavasa, kulcha and bakar khani. You can find the complete recipe for the Kashmiri tea on sooperchef.pk