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Tawa Qeema Recipe

If you happen to be a meat enthusiast or just looking for something that is packed with protein yet equally tasty, then the smoky and flavorsome tawa qeema recipe by sooperchef.pk is the recipe of choice for you. Qeema is the Urdu term for minced meat and is known as one of the most beloved traditional recipes of the Indian subcontinent. It is said that the term qeema or keema has been borrowed by the term kiyma, which translates to minced meat. By logging on to sooperchef.pk you can get your hands on many tasty and healthy recipes in both Urdu and English language for free. Some of the most top-notch recipes on the menu of sooperchef right now include the tasty and crunchy Arabian rice (KFC style) recipe, the delectable and spicy potato toffee (aloo bites) recipe, the scrumptious and aromatic mutton ginger recipe, the creamy and delicious Badami and strawberry kulfi recipe to beat the heat this summer and the last but not the least: the cheesy and hearty fiery pizza fries recipe made with ready made fingers. Most of the time, and traditionally speaking: the qeema recipe is prepared as a curry with beef or mutton meat that is thoroughly minced in a mincing machine or can be done with hand with the help of a chopper or meat cleaver. But qeema can be taken from any kinds of meat including camel, goat, buffalo, veal and even fish or prawn meat can be easily turned into qeema. Qeema is prepared in many different ways including stewing or frying on a tawa. A tawa is a large flat, convex or concave disc-shaped frying pan that is used for frying different food ingredients. Usually it is made of metal, usually sheet iron, sheet steel, cast iron, or aluminum. You can prepare your very own tawa qeema recipe at your home by logging on to sooperchef.pk.